Bin Laden’s Creed Only Buried with Understanding of Wahhabi Roots


Malik ibn Anas reported the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) as saying: “Move forward in the Name of God, by God, and on the religion of God’s Messenger. Do not kill an elderly, or a child, or a woman.” –from the traditions compiled by Al-Bayhaqi, an Islamic scholar of the 10th century



Osama bin Laden has no one to blame but himself that he was a pawn of the intelligence community for decades, inevitably to be discarded, shot in the face, his body weighted down and cast to the bottom of the sea.

The parallel of bin Laden is mirrored in the annals of history, with the founder of Osama’s terrorist creed: Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab of Najd. It is necessary to comprehend bin Laden’s Wahhabite origins in bin Abdul Wahhab to truly understand what needs to be done to destroy the modern terrorist allegiance.


Bin Abdul Wahhab is the founder of Wahhabism, a wayward and murderous sect announced in Saudi Arabia, around 1738 A.D.. The relevant point in his history is that bin Abdul Wahhab was led, coaxed and prompted by a British intelligence agent known as Hempher. Confessions of a British Spy, a Hakikat Kitabevi publication, explains how Hempher, one of thousands of agents sent forth to reclaim and broaden the British Empire, set plots and laid traps of every imaginable kind to destroy Islam from within.

According to Confessions, the wide expanse of polytheistic lands in Asia posed no obstacle to British domination of the same because their religions did not inspire patriotism. However, love of one’s country being part and parcel of Islam, in addition to Muslims’ strong attachment to Islamic traditions and culture, rendered inhabitants of the Ottoman empire more resistant to slavery.

In the view of British intelligence, more subversive means had to be found to subdue the Muslim world. Hempher writes: “Islam was once a religion of administration and authority and Muslims were respected. It would be difficult to tell these respectable people that they are slaves now. Nor would it be possible to falsify the Islamic history and say to Muslims: The honour and respect you obtained at one time was the result of some (favourable) conditions. Those days are gone now, and they will never come back.”

Hempher used bin Abdul Wahhab’s ignorance and arrogance to mislead him and to spawn a new creed, one that shunned traditional Islamic scholars and theology. British intelligence, the puppet master of “Islamic” terrorism, would “insert heresies into Muslims’ credal tenets then criticize Islam for being a religion of terror,” Hempher said.

Osama bin Laden (a CIA asset, as will be expounded upon later in the text) and his Wahhabi minions: Salafis, Taliban, Al Qaeda and others carry out the underground mission to (1) defame Islam as promoting terrorism, and (2) to spark outrage amongst non-Muslims against those who follow the Islamic faith, the latter to such a degree that the 80-85% of Muslims in Pakistan and other countries who follow traditional Islam and reject Wahhabism, feel a heavy burden of proof to let the world know that neither Islam nor Muslims condone or support terrorist activity. 

The worst irony is that the vast majority of the people killed by Wahhabis are actually Muslim. This is not surprising when another parallel to the past is considered – the fact that bin Abdul Wahhab was gifted with munitions and encouraged to slaughter Muslims in Arabia by the tens of thousands to establish the current Wahhabi state –which he did. Osama bin Laden was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States and billions of dollars in weapons were given to the Taliban who were, at the time, fighting the Soviet Union. When Al Qaeda decided to form a global Wahhabi caliphate, the Taliban used the same weapons slaughtering Muslims in this attempt.

In a 1998 article “Terror ‘Blowback’ Burns CIA,” Andrew Marshall of the UK Independent detailed the connection between the CIA and Osama bin Laden, including his invitation to establish a non-profit organization, Al-Kifah, in the US during the Soviet campaign. Marshall concludes: ”There are probably only three people outside the U.S. government who ever knew exactly what role the Al-Kifah refugee centre really played, and how far the U.S. helped to build up Mr. bin Laden’s organisation. One was Mr. Azzam, the charismatic Palestinian who ran the Peshawar operation. He was killed by a car bomb in 1989. The second was Mustafa Shalabi, who ran Al-Kifah. He was murdered in 1991. The third is Osama bin Laden, and he is not telling.”

Texas Senator Ron Paul said upon bin Laden’s death, “Why does our government invite conspiracy theories? Why not show a picture [to publicly identify the body]?” The same can be applied with bin Laden’s connection with the CIA.

It is the most serious concern for humanity that a violent extremist sect has connections to an intelligence organization that has admittedly conducted experiments on its own people with mind control programs. The CIA’s MK-ULTRA harbored Nazi psychologists to brainwash civilians and military alike in the quest for perfect spies. CIA records that have been made public show how this was achieved by using hideous forms of torture to form a dissociative state in the victim who would ultimately utilize different personalities for different missions, none of them knowing what the other was programmed for or had achieved using the same body.

The results of the collaboration of a shadow government [that John F. Kennedy risked his life to restrain] with violent terrorists has been seen in the death and destruction dominating the world today.

Not Muslim.

Wahhabi extremists are not Muslim and have nothing to do with Islam. They have wound a circle of oppression by killing Muslims on one hand and encouraging the defamation of Islam on the other. This is done to such an extent that every terrorist act is blamed upon Muslims, who live in fear of harassment at every turn.

The cycle can only be broken with the simple understanding of what a Muslim is and is not. Writing for the UK Guardian, Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, author of The Two Faces of Islam: The House of Sa’ud from Tradition to Terror challenges the news media to “ask moderate Muslim scholars whether they consider Bin Laden to have died in a state of Islamic belief.” He continues in his article, “Osama bin Laden did not deserve an Islamic burial. That the U.S. forces washed the body and allowed a short recitation in Arabic, presumably ‘Al-Fatiha,’ the opening chapter of Qur’an, indicates that they believed he died as a Muslim.” Schwartz also issued a statement that “Bin Laden did not die a martyr of Islam … he was an apostate from Muslim belief in his defence of violence against civilians and other innocents,” and therefore not worthy of a Muslim burial.

Bury Wahhabism.

Muslims believe there are more important things than how bin Laden should have been buried; rather, bury his teachings, bury his false credibility, dig the grave and bury the doubt that bin Laden and other Wahhabi extremists are Muslim. This takes a concerted effort between Muslims and non-Muslims to win the War of Ideas.

Although interfaith forums take place all over the world, and Muslims and their Christian brethren gather [See UMCF, front page] to spread the peace taught by the Holy Messenger Jesus and the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (may the peace of God be upon them), Muslims and non-Muslims must also work together to root out extremism at home and abroad.

The influence of Wahhabism flows from Saudi Arabia in the form of funding and educational materials. In Pakistan, madrassas (religious schools) have sprouted up one by one along the Indus River, funded by Saudi oil money, to teach the Wahhabi creed. In the Middle East and other Muslim and non-Muslim countries, the story is the same.

In fact, with Saudi funding, Wahhabis have virtually taken over the Islamic field of electronic and print media. Darus Salaam Publications in the United States is allowed to disseminate material condemning all non-Wahhabis to death. Along with hate-filled Saudi literature, Darus Salaam books and literature flood bookstores in America. The sheer numbers of print material published in the US lend the impression that Wahabis are in the majority and therefore, must logically typify Islamic beliefs. With extremist material finding its way to state universities and public libraries, it is no wonder the majority of Americans assume that all Muslims have been taught extremist beliefs.

Nina Shea & Bonnie Alldredge wrote an article for the National Review in June 2010 called ”Saudi Textbooks: Still Teaching Hatred,” saying that “Saudi textbooks are also posted on the Saudi Education Ministry’s website and are shipped and distributed by a vast… infrastructure established with Saudi oil wealth to Muslim communities throughout the world. Given that most of the 9/11 terrorists and Osama bin Laden himself were Saudi-born and educated, it has to be acknowledged that Saudi education not only is deficient, but poses a direct danger to American national security.”

In order to sway Muslims from Islam, they seek to destroy the memory of Islam’s pious forbears by destroying the tombs of the exemplars of Islam, the blessed family of the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Part of Wahhabism’s mission, according to Confessions of a British Spy, was to destroy the Muslims’ connection with true Islam by, “deter[ring] Muslims from visiting the graves of Prophets, Khalîfas and pious Muslims by arising doubts about visiting graves. As it is fard (obligatory) to demolish all the mausoleums and domes in Muslim countries [according to British intelligence], so is it a must to bulldoze the cemetery called Bâkî [the burial place of the companions of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, that is now razed].

What does this have to do with America? It is hoped that Americans will join hands; Christian and Muslim, Democrat and Republican, to root out a common enemy and safeguard our country from what seems to be a calculated plan of destruction. It is deplorable that the diabolical intentions of a few are bleeding the U.S. economy dry with war after war.

Bin Laden “claimed the 9/11 attacks were designed to, number one, get America to spread its military dangerously and excessively throughout the Middle East; two, to cause political dissension within the United States…and number three, to bankrupt America through excessive military spending, as he did to the Soviets.” “Hopefully, bin Laden does not get the last laugh,” said Senator Paul upon hearing of his death.

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