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Holy Qur’an Heals Kidney Failure Patient


Teaser:Abdur Rahim is a 21 year old male with no past medical history of diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease or any chronic illness. He has always had normal eyesight and never required glasses for vision. After returning from studies abroad, he complained of blurred vision that progressively worsened. Abdur Rahim sought the services of an eye specialist when he was unable to see the most beautiful, soothing words of the Holy Qur’an, or decipher the familiar faces of loved ones.An opthamologist’s evaluation revealed bleeding behind the eye and cloudy spots. The eye doctors were unable to connect his symptoms with any known eye disease and suggested that he immediately arrange to visit the renowned Will’s Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Abdur Rahim made an appointment to be seen the following week, and immediately forwarded the details of his case to His Eminence Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, who has treated and healed scores of people suffering from incurable diseases by means of his unique treatment methodology utilizing special prayers, acts of worship, and blessed lines of the Holy Qur’an.On the advisement of El Sheikh Gilani, Abdur Rahim began receiving Quranic Therapy (QT) treatments utilizing the El-Gilani Methodology, and reported that he had nausea after the first and subsequent QT treatments.When he arrived at Will’s Eye Hospital the following week, he was immediately transferred to the emergency room at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia with a dangerously elevated blood pressure of 216/160, requiring immediate hospitalization and acute medical attention. Once admitted to the medical unit, a much more aggressive medical workup was initiated. On further evaluation , it was noted that Abdur Rahim complained of nausea, weakness, and occasional nightmares.During this frightening time for Abdur Rahim, and overwhelming concern by family members, the patient never lost focus on Allah, the Almighty Creator, and immediately turned his trust toward Allah, The Most Exalted, The Healer and Sustainer.Guidance was sought on hospital day one (HD #1) from our Perfect Murshid Sheikh Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani. Using the El-Gilani Methodology (EGM), a new prescription was established and implemented before any major medical management was started. Dr. Abdul Wadud, a specially trained and experienced EGM therapist, met Abdur Rahim at Thomas Jefferson Hospital, where he was started on intravenous medication to assist in lowering his severely elevated blood pressures, and had extensive laboratory and imaging studies performed. Abdur Rahim was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) by the kidney specialist. CKD has many causes, the most common is diabetes, the second most common cause is long-standing, uncontrolled high blood pressure. An inflammation of the kidneys’ filtering system is another common cause. However, the nephrologist was unable to identify why Abdur Raheem was experiencing CKD that had advanced to kidney failure in such a short time, without any symptoms. Apparently, his problem was within the kidneys’ filtering system; all other laboratory tests showed negative results.The patient stated, following his first night of treatment via the EGM, “I had the most pleasant night in a long time. In my dreams, I was actually able to see myself smiling.” Dr. Abdul Wadud continued his twice-a-day prescribed treatment over Abdur Rahim, which consisted of special prayers ( duas). As stated by the patient, and witnessed by his guardian, Dr. Abdul Wadud, and the kidney doctors, his uremic symptoms began to resolve almost as soon as the therapy began. On HD #2, the patient was no longer experiencing nausea, his blood pressure had normalized to 113/60, and his vision began to return. Dr. Abdul Wadud stated, “It gave me great happiness when I noticed the positive changes in Abdur Rahim’s condition.”The physicians soon mentioned releasing him home to the care of his loving guardian, due to the marked signs of improvement. His intravenous anti-hypertensive medicines were discontinued and transitioning to oral blood pressure medications. Abdur Raheem’s guardian described his mood as good, in lieu of his relief from much discomfort and uncertainty.It is suspected that Abdur Rahim’s kidneys started weakening several years back; however, the true etiology of the kidney disease is unestablished. The prescribed El-Gilani Methodology treatments took affect immediately. While Dr. Abdul Wadud recited the duas and simultaneously placed a hand on the patient’s chest, the patient acknowledged that he had to fan himself because of the increased heat sensation over his heart, and the warmth in the room itself, compared to that right outside the room.Mr. Rahim’s limited kidney function, without symptoms, is uncommon. The kidney specialist surmised that the patient will require hemodialysis within the next 6 months, and that only a miracle would defer that outcome. Also, the strong possibility of Abdur Rahim requiring a kidney transplant down the line was discussed with his family.His vision slowly returned, and he began reading the food menus, magazines, the Holy Qu’ran, or anything else he could get his hands on, elated and grateful to Almighty God for his miraculous recovery. With each day of EGM treatment, the patient’s symptoms improved, permitting the medical team to discharge the patient home, where he will continue the therapy. “Which of the favors of thy Lord shall you deny?”–Islamic Post Contributors: Bashir A. Wadud MD, and Bilqees Abdallah MSN, FNP-BCThumbnail Image: