The Doctors’ Corner Reader Response: The Shocking Statistics on Child Suffering in Afghanistan Unfortunately Appear to be Accurate

"The original article that the reader commented on was an editorial on how many of the victims of the conflict in Afghanistan were children."

At TMOA, the health of people generally is one of our foremost concerns. Moreover, The Islamic Post is commensurate with our voice. It is for this reason “The Doctors’ Corner” has been developed. 

Before we start rolling out articles, we wanted to reprise an editorial that sums our approach and ideology. We had written an account of atrocities that were occurring to innocent children in the ongoing Afghanistan conflict. A reader of the post responded that there were errors in our reporting. It was our response to the reader that for the most part illustrates our ideas of health and The Islamic Post. Below is our reply to the reader’s comment:

First, we appreciate your interest in The Islamic Post and are happy you took the time to read it.  As well, we are grateful for your comment on the way we approach our articles.  

The Islamic Post is a premier international newspaper whose goal is to inform all people around the globe about the truth of events occurring anywhere in the world.  As such, we realize that it is imperative to disseminate valid, factual information. 

It is for this reason that our correspondents endeavor to thoroughly investigate all of the information that our publication contains, so that we are confident that the  information we publish adheres to the utmost standards of veracity.

As with any research, sometimes the information received may not be wholly accurate. We attempt to use the most trustworthy resources possible, and take care to verify the information we publish.That being said, some inappropriate information may slip through the cracks. 

In this instance, we relied on the accuracy of information gleaned from sources including but not limited to an article by Dr. Gideon Polya (Polya, Gideon. Afghan Holocaust & Afghan Genocide as per UN Genocide Convention).  

It would actually be our preference to do research and obtain information on a more first hand basis. However, our correspondents are often hindered in their attempts to travel to areas where the news events we cover are playing out. This is despite the fact that our teams of volunteers and medical staff have traveled to these areas in the past, contributing to numerous relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters and other catastrophes.

Although the numbers are staggering—if we are to believe the UN Population Division data—it appears they are correct. Again thank you for your interest in our humble publication and please continue to read The Islamic Post.

The Islamic Post is a publication from The Muslims of America. The original article that the reader commented on was an editorial on how many of the victims of the conflict in Afghanistan were children and what needs to happen to correct this. As one can see, we are concerned for innocent lives. 

This is the ultimate concern of any healthcare provider but in the current paradigm of how healthcare is practiced, this is oft forgotten. Not only are providers trained to care for health conditions, they are trained to pay attention to the conditions in which the issues occur. 

Our newspaper takes a similar approach. We seek to give a voice to the voiceless and bring truthful accounts to issues that are happening worldwide. 

It is the objective of The Islamic Post to provide the most factual information available; therefore, we extensively research all material prior to posting. As often as possible, our correspondents travel to the places where news occurs, to provide first hand information. 

Our hope is that government officials will assist us in this task by allowing us to visit the many wonderful countries of the world, where we will serve as ambassadors of goodwill, leaving an indelible mark on the health of your people.

And as always, may Almighty God allow you the best of health and prosperity.

Dr. Jemille Smith

IP Correspondent