Glad Tidings to the Islamic World: Allah’s Name Miraculously Shining for Six Years on Wall of American Masjid

Appearing over six years ago in three-dimensional, Arabic script of dazzling Divine Light (Noor).

(Hancock, NY) The greatest miracle in the history of mankind, a manifestation of the One Almighty God’s personal name, Allah, remains present after six years on the wall of an American masjid, serving as a continuous signs of the growth and prevalence of Al-Islam. Located in the masjid of The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA) in the village of Holy Islamberg, New York, the miracle first appeared on the wall August 2, 2010, in brilliant three dimensional style Arabic script of bright light (Noor). A first hand witness described the miracle as noor shining from behind the wood on the wall with no source of light (in the room). Six years later it continues to shine and serve as a warning to the oppressors and glad tidings to believers of the One Almighty Creator.

The significance of this event is that it happened in North America, a Divine Act which has not graced even the holy sanctuary in Makka tul Mukkaramah, the Kaaba. The Imam of The Muslims of America, Inc., and Vice Chancellor of the International Qur’anic Open University, His Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gillani, a Sufi Master, has stated that there will be significant political changes that take place throughout the world, and Allah Almighty will do justice and be swift in holding accountability. This is already reflected in world affairs and current events.

Throughout history, the Sufis have long recognized that a Divinely sent reformer or leader, such as is found in El Sheikh Gillani, is supported by Divine miraculous manifestations and given the obedience of heavenly bodies. Witnesses to such are blessed with Divine favor and strengthened with the surety of knowing that Allah Almighty hears and responds to their petitions and intense supplications. Thus, in numerous ways, the Most Merciful Creator grants His highest creation signs to quicken, enamor, and inspire the hearts of human beings, to follow His Guidance, to remain obedient to His Laws, and to be steadfast in sincere worship and service of Him.

Most significantly, residents of Islamberg urge the world not to take this continuous miraculous manifestation of the Almighty’s Name, Allah, lightly or to ignore it because it is a sign of the Almighty Creator, God of Abraham, Joseph, David, Solomon, Jesus son of chaste Mary, and the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon them all). Allah let His light appear as a fire in the bush to Moses. When Moses took 70 people up on Mount Toor/Sinai, the tajalliy of the Almighty’s personal Name, when it fell on it, caused the nearby mountain to turn to dust and all 70 people died on the spot. In this present time, Allah has raised the competency of people to behold His Name without fainting or dying, therefore people must come to pay homage and glorify Him on their knees, be they Muslim, Christian or Jew.

This greatest miracle of all times has appeared as a support and a karaamah of the Imam of The Muslims of America, El Sheikh Gillani. It is glad tidings to the most oppressed people in the world. In America, where it is said that as much as seventy percent of the abducted African slaves were Muslims, there is an unfortunate history of them being dehumanized, deculturalized and demonized by their abductors, ongoing for over 300 hundred years. The same story of the people of pharaoh is also being repeated; they too were poor and oppressed in the land despite sign after sign until the oppressors were drowned.

El Sheikh Gillani, having been sent with signs and rainbows as confirmation of his mission, has warned the American people to come back to belief in the One Almighty God as mentioned in the Old Testament, and follow the Ten Commandments, stating: “You are warned; if you keep on allowing and tolerating homosexuality and worshipping Satan, your fate won’t be different from the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Come back to Allah the Almighty One God, seek His forgiveness, stop killing innocent people, and committing crimes of genocide against people in other parts of the world because these things can come back to you according to the immutable law of Allah. Currently, the world is observing the overthrow of governments, the unrest of people who have been socially and politically oppressed. People are killing and don’t know why; people are being killed, but they don’t know why. However, there is an irrefutable law, “you reap what you sow”, and never has anyone ever been successful in escaping the retribution of the Almighty Creator.” Natural disasters all over the world- earthquakes, floods, mudslides, wildfires, and extreme weather – are warnings of Allah Most Supreme’s displeasure with those who refuse to abandon their evil ways and adhere to His Commands.

Those who believe in the oneness of God and adhere to the Ten Commandments visit the Holy shrine at Masjid Baitullah Tajalliyat Azzam, referred to as Baitullah. Today, Muslims, Christians and Jews from all over America continue to visit Islamberg’s Baitullah masjid. The residents of Holy Islamberg are overflowing with gratitude and so graciously host Eid festivities and interfaith events that bring together people of all faiths under the banner of peace and love for the Almighty Creator. Those who believe in karamah and know that upon seeing such they will be held responsible for conforming to the laws of the Almighty Creator, make haste to its viewing to give thanks to Almighty Allah. When visitors kneel before the magnificent manifestation with reverence, sincere repentance, a heavy sense of responsibility, and make intentions to change their waywardness, they will receive substantial reward. Conversely, those who witness the Divine manifestation, but neglect to take heed, their punishment will also be substantial. The greatest miracle sent to mankind continues to permeate hearts, creating an immense sense of love and hope, and bringing promises of the Inevitable Intercession from Allah Almighty on behalf of His servants.