South Carolina Congressman Visits Muslims in Holy Islamville


(Holy Islamville, York SC) South Carolina Republican Rep. John Mulvaney visited the village of Holy Islamville and declared what many have known for over thirty years – that there is “no terrorist threat.”

With rising public concerns and Islamophobic propaganda, Congressman John Michael “Mick” Mulvaney reached out for the first time since taking office in 2011 to the Muslim community in York, SC that he serves as U.S. Representative of the 5th district.

Mulvaney stated in a post uploaded to his Facebook page following the visit, “The bottom line is this: this is not a terrorist camp; these folks are American Citizens (most of whom were born in the United States) and some of them are even veterans.”

A quaint community located in pristine York, Holy Islamville residents have lived peacefully in the area for three decades. Amid rumors, lies, and anti-Muslim propaganda, Mick Mulvaney decided it was time to personally visit Holy Islamville. Sadly, current events such as the senseless attacks in Paris renewed claims of the Muslims living in Holy Islamville as being terrorists. These false allegations have spread and thrived on social media, causing harassment and threats against Muslim Americans throughout the U.S.

Fortunately, over the years, Holy Islamville has fostered a relationship with fellow members of their community, as well as with local and federal law enforcement. Mulvaney was accompanied on his visit by Sheriff Bruce Bryant, who has maintained a relationship with this Muslim community for over two decades. The community had no reservations about opening its door to the Congressman. “It was a pleasure to dispel first-hand the rumors and egregious lies being spread about Holy Islamville,” said Saeed Shakir, Mayor of the Muslim village. Residents welcomed the opportunity to host a visit from the congressman and were positive that after visiting the community, the congressman would be happy with his findings and eager to spread the good word of what he witnessed — a community of Americans who are Muslims, who worship one Almighty Lord, adhere to the Ten Commandments, and embrace life, liberty, freedom and justice for all.

Mulvaney told Andrew Dys of the Rock Hill Herald, “This is a group of law-abiding citizens who are practicing their faith, and I saw no reason for anyone to see a threat.” That evening the congressman discussed his visit with constituents and reiterated his views above at a Town Hall meeting in Lancaster, SC , which was also attended by residents of Holy Islamville.

“It is a great day in South Carolina!” This phrase was coined under the governorship of Nikki Hailey , having an inspirational effect on Muslims in the Palmetto state.“NO THREAT”