Syrian Army Kills 40 Militants, Destroys 20 Armored Vehicles Near Palmyra


Syrian Army destroyed 40 terrorists and 20 armored vehicles near Palmyra, the army’s spokesman told reporters.

The Syrian army has hit terrorist positions in the as-Sufouh district, which is very close to Palmyra, destroying several mortars and armed vehicles, an army spokesman said Nov. 9.

“Our army continues a massive offensive which is demoralizing the terrorists and causing clashes between different groups”, the general stressed.

“Terrorists suffered losses in personnel and military equipment. At least three mortars and nine vehicles armed with machine guns have been destroyed,” Brigadier General Ali Mayhoub said.

The general also added that the Syrian army continues its successful offensive on Aleppo with the help of militia forces:

“We have taken control over important villages and strategic posts: Baraui, Aziza, Tel Mamu, Aziza-Samaan”.

Syria has been mired in a civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting on multiple fronts against opposition factions and extremist groups, including Islamic State.

As reported days ago, the Syrian army killed 24 foreign fighters in the suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus of Darayya Nov. 4, a military source told RIA Novosti recently.

“We killed dozens of militants in 24 hours, among them 24 foreigners who are mostly citizens of Saudi Arabia,” the source said.

Government forces were able to advance “several hundred meters” into Darayya during the operation 7.6 miles southwest of Damascus that began on Nov. 3, the source specified.

The operation aims to protect the Mezzeh Military Airport near Damascus.

House-to-house fighting continues across the Darayya suburb, with the distance between snipers and militants reaching as close as 100 yards. The Syrian army is said to have encircled the remaining fighters and cut off their supply routes.

The Nusra Front, affiliated with al-Qaeda, and the Ahrar ash-Sham terrorist organizations have controlled the majority of Daraa for three years. The militants have built hundreds of underground tunnels and destroyed nearly all of the town’s infrastructure in that time.