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Incitement in Dagestan Shows ‘Enraged’ Muslims

Unrest in Dagestan Republic via Telegram video footage
Unrest in Dagestan Republic via Telegram video footage

Portraying Muslims as enraged and enveloped in fury against the world, the mainstream news turned to the unrest in Dagestan on October 29. It’s said that angry mobs stormed the Dagestan airport in Makhachkala to protest the arrival of a flight from Tel Aviv. 

The Associated Press, the largest provider of syndicated news in the United States, reported that “video on social media showed some in the crowd on the landing field waving Palestinian flags [and] protesters attempting to overturn a police car…”

Yet “the flight from Tel Aviv to Makhachkala has been operating for a long time,” Dagestan News noted on Telegram.

“It is used by Russian citizens who have their own business in the Middle East and use the services of Israeli medicine. …It is obvious that there are no refugees from Israel. Even if they decided to leave the country in fear of war with Muslims, they are unlikely to come to a region where 95% of the inhabitants are Muslim. There is no logic in this and there cannot be.”

Others have different thoughts about the matter. The head of Khasavyurt, a town near the airport, Korgoliyev Korgoli Magomedovich, stated on his Telegram channel,  “In recent days, we have witnessed an increase in information aggression and provocations on social networks aimed at inciting conflict and disrupting social stability in our city. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that most of these information attacks are fakes and stuffing, the purpose of which is to divide us and create a situation of disagreement and discord in society.”

Magomedovich continues, “In our cosmopolitan city, where we all have friends and neighbors of different nationalities and religions, we must show maximum solidarity and support for each other.” He also quotes Head of Dagestan Sergei Alimovich Melikov, “I ask every citizen not to succumb to provocations, not to spread unverified information and not to make hasty decisions.”

In this age of misinformation, such advice is not misplaced.

IP Correspondent