Russian Leaders Urge Muslims to Protect Christians from Wahhabi Terrorists


A Russian Islamic organization has called upon the Muslims of Egypt to protect Coptic Christians who are being victimized by terrorist extremists seeking to sow discord between the Christian and Muslim population in Egypt who have co-existed peacefully for centuries.

Mufti Salman Farid, head of the Ulema Council of the Russian Association of Islamic Accord, which is also known as the All-Russian Muslim Board, called on the Egyptian Muslim population to maintain the safety of churches in the country, to protect Muslim and Christian clergy and to "severely punish the extremists who sowed the seeds of chaos and revolt,” as reported by Interfax-Religion news service.

The mufti’s comments were made in response to atrocities being committed by Wahhabi extremists and mercenary terrorists gangs who have “burned down several dozens of churches and have looted monasteries recently in an attempt to further fan the flames of this fratricidal war, [Muslims are called upon to ] cease the efforts of those to desecrate, destroy and loot numerous mosques and madrasahs."

In the Holy Qur’an, the revelation sent down through the Archangel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Almighty God declares that Christians and Muslims are close in spiritual kinship:

“…nearest among them in love to the Believers you will find those who say: "We are Christians"; because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant. “ Qur'an 5 : 82

The Ulema Council leader recounted that  there was a strong heritage of  abiding  fellowship between Muslims and Christians in the Middle East and Africa, and in Egypt, in particular.  The Copts once "opened the gates of Egypt to Islam and Muslims," and Allah ordered the Muslims to take care of this country, its heritage and people,” he said.


"We urge the brave Muslim sons of Egypt to always remember that Almighty Allah put you in charge of this blessed land and that you bear the responsibility for its residents, especially the Copts," he said.


The mufti accused the Muslim Brotherhood movement of using pseudo-Islamic slogans to "open the gates of chaos and disaster: people are being killed, beaten or assaulted, mosques and churches are being set on fire and desecrated, museums are being looted and the heritage belonging to all civilizations is being destroyed."


"The modern history of Syria, the Palestinian territories, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt today vividly demonstrates what happens to countries when an unholy, false movement called the Muslim Brotherhood appears," he said.

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