Taking our Case to the Polls


In early October, so-called American patriots planned a national and international anti-Islamic Global Rally for Humanity, promoting the issues of Islamophobia as so-called demonstrations against “radical Islam” worldwide. The organizers encouraged the carrying of weapons under the guise of supporting the Second Amendment right to bear arms, however, the politically astute recognized their ongoing aims to incite civil unrest and to create civil war between Christians and Muslims. The true patriots of American freedoms stayed away, as they want America’s rights applied to all people of faith, to all its citizens, including Muslims.

Now Muslims all over the US are calling for the exercise of another Constitutional right – the right to vote. Muslim activists have for years worked to motivate community involvement in American politics. So to counter the racist, gun-toting rallies of Oath Keepers, Muslims are opting to take our case to the ballot boxes. In registering voters, American Muslim organizations, nationwide, are challenging Islamophobia with community organizing, coalition building and civic empowerment.

One such call to action via electoral empowerment came from the vice chancellor of The Muslims Of America, who, in a statement to his community members, said that it was the obligation of every eligible Muslim to register to vote in not only national elections, but local ones, as well. He also stated that their involvement should go further than the vote and that Muslim Americans should run for public offices locally.

Muslims have an obligation by faith, to uphold righteousness and Allah’s covenant in the societies in which they live. Particularly in this country, we must influence change against those who seek to destroy the moral fiber of this land. We have to examine a candidate’s history, record, values, etc. to see who comes closest to meeting the needs of the community at large and possibly the Muslim community in particular. Muslims must become a strong part of the political arena.

People of faith must insure that their votes will count for justice and righteousness. We must all stand together and prevent such people like Donald Trump and Ben Carson, the hate mongers from gaining powerful positions in government that will lead to the destruction of everything truly American and patriotic.