Muslims and Christians Unite Against Hate: An Appeal to our Christian Brethren


Many Americans are unaware of the honored position Jesus son of Mary (peace be upon him) holds in Islam, wherein there is no dispute of his immaculate conception as commanded by Almighty God.  His mother, the blessed Mary (Maryam in Arabic), was a virgin and an honored lady.  There is no discrepancy among Muslims regarding these facts because Holy Quran is the only book that delineates the virgin birth, it being a miracle and personal handiwork of God.  Numerous chapters throughout Holy Quran provide proof of Jesus son of Mary’s birth and mission.

The ignorance of Islam’s reverence for Jesus, son of Mary is now being seized and manipulated by individuals posing as Christians in order to wreak havoc against the citizens of our great country.  These religious zealots and criminals seek to dissolve Christian-Muslim unity in the United States, and all over the world, by spreading false propaganda, fabricating outright lies and using media to disseminate their anti-Muslim and anti-religious agenda. Individuals like Martin Mawyer and Rev. Robert Spencer; organizations like the Christian Action Network and the American Thinker’s, who promulgated a “Step-by-Step Guide to Smiting Muslims”, are all guilty of this.  The machinations of these individuals and groups include egregious lies such as labeling the shoe bomber, Richard Reid, a Muslim. Sensational stories have increased the popularity of these groups, which has allowed them to obtain financial support for their so-called crusade against Muslims.

Irrespective of the efforts of God’s enemies, truth will always rise above falsehood. Each day brings to light their notorious and evil schemes with the Almighty rendering their plots fruitless.  As American Muslims, we appeal and invite Churches, our Christian brothers, Muslims, friends and neighbors to stand firm with us against these conspiracies and promoters of hatred, Islamophobia and intolerance.  Our creed is enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong.  We denounce those who claim to be Muslim, but whose actions are against Islam and its teachings of peace, tolerance and respect of all faiths. Groups such as the Wahabis, Taliban and Takfiris are currently murdering Christians and Muslims who attempt to safeguard their lives according to Islam’s teachings as recently witnessed in Homs, Syria.  Evil and barbarism have no place in our world.  The United Muslim Christian Forum (UMCF) teaches by example how Christians and Muslims can impact the world and invoke positive change together.  Let the joint commemorations of the birth of Jesus son of Mary and Muhammad the Holy Last Messenger of God (peace be upon them) at both churches and masjids become a testament to what can be accomplished when believing people unite under the banner of Almighty God.

We appeal to every Christian leader, Muslim and American that loves Jesus son of Mary, to honor his teachings and examples by working diligently towards peace between people of all faiths. Defy the ways of his enemies and the enemies of the United States of America by opposing anti-Christian ideologies. Speak out against those who have hijacked Christianity and perverted it to support their ominous agenda that includes threats of a planned assassination of President Barack Obama and mass carnage through use of Weapons of Mass Destruction right here in the U.S. as proven in the recent radiation X-ray machine arrests of Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight in Albany, New York.

Do not fall prey to the lethal practices of Martin Mawyer, Christian Action Network or any other individual or group whose agenda and behaviors are contrary to the teachings of Jesus son of Mary himself.

For more information, contact Matthew Gardner  (434) 825-2283 or [email protected]

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