“Greatest Miracle” Still Shining in American Muslim Village


Since the blessed eve of the 2nd August 2010, Allah, The One Almighty Creator continues to show His personal name, Tajjaliyat Azam, in bright and clear luminous Arabic letters without the assistance of any outside medium's contributing to His personal signature. Prior to the miraculous appearance, which cannot be explained other than by realizing that only Allah could have caused this, some 200 participants in the summer program were almost constantly, throughout the day and night, calling on the Almighty Creator through numerous acts of prayer, remembrance and worship in the masjid now known as Masjid Baitullah Tajalliyat Azzam. 

The significance of this is that the biggest and greatest miracle shown to mankind has happened in North America, a Divine Act which has not graced even the holy sanctuary in Makka-tul-Mukkaramah, the Kaaba. This shining manifestation, still present in Masjid Baitullah Tajalliyat Azzam, was the Almighty's response to the hundreds of worshipers engaged in most intense supplication to Almighty God and is a sign of its acceptance. This karamah (miracle) was preceded by the appearance of the holy name of the Almighty Creator Allah, and rainbows of light in the residence in Holy Islamberg which has since become Holy Khanqah Gilaniyya – Sufi Lodge # 2 – one of the holiest locations in the world. 

The spiritual irridations emanating from this miraculous manifestation – the name of the Sustainer and Fosterer of all, appearing as if etched in light in a three-dimensional form – have inspired the hearts of the young and old of all persuasions who have converged upon this most honored house of prayer and remembrance, with the intense desire to worship and know Him with deepest sincerity, being overcome with tears of love, gratitude, and awe; producing utterances of praise and adoration from hearts overflowing with the certainty of His Sovereignty and Majesty.

Our Almighty Creator has chosen, in eras past, to manifest His Grandeur and Might to those of his servants and worshippers as He so selects. Such was the manifestation of His Power, which was cast upon the mountain of the Holy Messenger Moses, peace be upon him; and that mountain was rent asunder; similarly, the manifestation of His Power in the voice heard by Moses apparently coming from a burning bush. Rarely have such miraculous appearances occurred in our modern era; however, hundreds more worshippers have been blessed and honored to witness similar manifestations of Divine Light in Holy Islamville, South Carolina, U.S.


Upon the completion of classes in Islamic Law, Arabic and recitation of Holy Qur’an, and the study of its meanings, by ladies attending a camp held in 1996, a faxed message containing blessed du’as for the 15th of Sha’baan was followed by the appearance of the name of Almighty Allah most High, and His Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him, glowing and vibrating in rainbow colors. Since that time, an abundance of similar manifestations of Divine Light –shimmering and luminous have appeared continuously in the Holy Khanqa Gilaniyya there. Thus, in numerous ways, all miraculous in kind, the Most Merciful Creator grants His highest creation signs to quicken, enamor, and inspire the hearts of human beings, to follow His Guidance, to remain obedient to His Laws, and to be steadfast in His sincere worship and service.

Most significantly, this continuous miraculous manifestation of the Almighty's Name, Allah, and rainbows over America are a strong warning and reminder to the wrongdoers, and glad tidings to the believers.  Do not take it lightly, nor ignore it because it is sign of Allah Almighty God, the Creator, God of Abraham, Joseph, David, Solomon, Jesus, son of chaste Mary, and the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon them all).  Such a sign has not been shown before to anyone. He let his light appear as a fire in the bush, for sometime, for Moses. When Moses took 70 people up on Mount Toor/Sinai, the tajalliy of Almighty's personal Name, when it fell on it, caused the nearby mountain to turn to dust and all 70 people died on the spot. In this time, Allah has raised the competency of people to behold His Name without fainting or dying. It appears in sublime tranquil light of His personal Name, but it resists any move to capture it on camera/video because people must come to pay homeage and glorify on their knees, be they Muslim, Christian or Jew

This greatest miracle of all times has appeared as a support and a karaamah of our Imam of the American Muslims who is also know as Abu-Father of the American Muslims. It is glad tidings to the most oppressed people in the world, the American Muslims who had been dehumanized, deculturalized and demonized by the settlers who abducted them, ongoing for 300 hundred years. Seventy percent of the ten million slaves abducted were Muslims. The same story of the people of pharaoh is being repeated here; they too were poor and oppressed in the land. Despite sign after sign they were still oppressed, until the oppressors were drowned. Non Muslim Americans do not realize that tornadoes after tornados, floods, fires, mudslides, horrible incurable diseases, cancer, AIDS, etc occur because of the destruction of the moral fibre of society, and these things come as part of the wrath of Almighty Allah. Our Imam who has been sent with signs, along with rainbows that accompany him has warned American people to stop worshipping Satan, and come back to belief in One Almighty God as mentioned in the Old Testament, and follow the Ten Commandments. "You are warned; if you keep on allowing and tolerating homosexuality and worshipping Satan, your fate won't be different from the people  of Sodom and Gomorrah. Come back to Allah Almighty One God, seek his forgiveness and stop killing innocent people, committing crimes of genocide against people in other parts of the world because these things can come back to you according to the immutable law of Allah.

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