Center for Constitutional Rights Denounces Media Silence: A Former CNN Journalist Confirms the “Manufacture” of Information.

Danny Weil

The following article is from “The Telegrafo” newspaper out of Ecuador.  All over Latin America people and their governments know that the US is fixing the news and muddling the minds of the American people. Major U.S. media fixes create the news as they protect their economic interests in that country; an example of this situation is the blackout of the distribution of news of the hunger strike of prisoners in Guantanamo.

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As part of the Day of Press Freedom, there have surfaced several revelations about the internal management of the press in the United States.  This would be the case of the former reporter Amber Lyon, who revealed that during her work for CNN, she was ordered to send false news and exclude some that the U.S. government did not favor in order to create a public opinion in favor to launch an attack against Iran and Syria.

Lyon was quoted by a Slovak news website saying that the media mainstream in the  U.S. intentionally work to create propaganda against Iran to get the support of public opinion for a military invasion against the country. She revealed that the scenario used before the war against Iraq is really being repeated, where Iran and Syria are constantly “demonized”.

The journalist said that the manipulation and manufacture of CNN printed news and their broadcast news continues selectively, claiming that the channel receives money from the U.S. Government and governments of other countries in return for news content.

Lyon is an American investigative journalist who has become known for reporting on human rights abuses against pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain, and police brutality against demonstrators in the United States. In June 2010, she began working for CNN, where she investigated sex trafficking, the Gulf oil spill, and the hacking collective known as Anonymous.

Another clear sign that the U.S. media do not publish all the news in the US is the situation that is recorded at Guantanamo.The hunger strike of prisoners in the country’s north could be published in the press, but the mainstream media are not U.S. backers for this story, reports the Center for Constitutional Rights in the United States, in a note published by the Venezuelan newspaper Correo del Orinoco.

The agency says that 130 prisoners in Guantanamo went on hunger strike for about seven weeks to protest the treatment and conditions in this prison.  This is the same prison as U.S. President Barack Obama promised to close in 2010.

Recently,  Obama said he would resume efforts to achieve the green light from Congress to close the Guantanamo prison, which is considered expensive, ineffective and a recruiting tool for extremists.

The authorities, meanwhile, continue to question the figures and point out that only 26 prisoners go hungry, while another 8 are fed by force. However, when the international news network Russia Today broke the story on March 12, U.S. officials denied it.

“We heard that lawyers are not allowed to visit the prisoners. Moreover, there is a big difference between what they say and what the administration lawyers report.  It shows that the administration is still trying to silence the situation, they do not want to diffuse.  And it means something serious is happening, “said investigative journalist Andy Worthington.

When consulting people on the US streets about if they think the story should be covered by the U.S. media, the answer was unequivocally positive. Meanwhile CNN, the most powerful chain in the country, ignores the issue of the hunger strike and focuses on other aspects such as, for example, how much money will be used to renovate the facility.

“No one talks about it. If this happened in Russia, if people had disappeared into a black hole illegally in Russia and faced indefinite incarceration without trial or charges, without access or lawyers, Western media have been full of this issue, “said British MP George Galloway.

In the news business, the media have to set priorities and choose the stories that deserve your attention. It turns out that not only the voices of the silenced are starving prisoners, but also citizens are who are left confused after learning the truth, and they choose to focus on manufactured media content instead.

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