Holy Quran and Islam: The Avenue to Peace



The American people have failed in their attempt to understand  Islam and the Holy Quran. The American people should come closer in understanding their Muslim brethren. Without doubt, this is the solution to the major problems between the government, the American people and the American Muslim.

The Holy Quran was and still is the common denominator in the heritage of mankind at large, especially of those people of the Book – the Jews and Christians. The Holy Quran contains revelations, messages, signs, explanations of law and the Books [of earlier Divine revelations sent to previous Messengers], including stories revealed to Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus, son of Mary and the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad, peace and blessing be on all of them.

However, the enemies of Islam have not spared any stone to be unturned in their constitutional conspiratory approach to defame and take the words in Holy Quran as a book of terrorisms. One such instance is the translation by A. J. Arberry, who is taken as a moderate and a kind of friend to Al-Islam. Yet, he has done an immense amount of damage in misquoting and misinterpreting the Holy Quran, as have others such as Yusuf Ali, Muhammad Ali, Pickthall. Arberry, in his translation of Surah Muhammad, misquotes the ayat  "When you meet the kafirs (unbelievers) kill them. And when you overpower them tie them.” This very language has lead many ignorant non-Muslims to believe that the Holy Quran is a book of terrorism.

Most Muslims know that this ayat in Surah Muhammad was sent down during the Battle of Uhud, on 3rd of Dhul Hijjah, when the Meccan kafirs  attacked the Muslims. It was there and then that the Muslims were urged to confront them. The Muslims were told that before they were killed [by their enemies] to kill them (the kafirs) and take the captives prisoners . This line of Holy Quran was [revealed to the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, by Divine revelation through the Angel Gabriel] and then related to the Muslims at the time.

The Holy Quran cannot be translated into any other language and those who try, without knowing the science of Quranic Arabic, do great damage to the Book. Those translators who take on this venture and do not possess the ilm (knowledge of religion) have taken on a burden and incur sin upon themselves. Holy Quran cannot be justly translated without observing the following:

  1. Each and every word must be explained in the context in which it was sent down, [understanding] why and for what cause it was sent down. Then, and only then, can a person start to understand Holy Quran.

  2. One must know of the ayaats [lines] that are the foundation of the book and the ones that are secrets, whose meanings are known only to Allah, His Holy Messenger (peace be upon him) and those whom Allah has given immense knowledge.

  3. One who has the understanding and knowledge of the canceller and the cancelled ayaats [lines of the Holy Quran which were abrogated, and the event or action which caused them to be abrogated].

Last, but not least, the [language of the] Holy Quran is the only living language;  and that is not a matter of belief –  but a matter of fact.

Take for example, the spoken English language. You must agree that the English spoken 400 years ago is not the same language spoken today. That language is dead and forgotten. Whereas, the Holy Quranic language spoken today is the same language spoken by the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him) and exactly the same as written in the Book. It is still the same living language used in the entire Arab world, and it has not changed, nor has it died. Without doubt – this Holy Quran is from the Almighty Creator, for all time to come!

It is a general command for Muslims, for all times, to know that those who call themselves Christians are closer to the Muslims than any other religious denomination of the world. The Muslims give reverence to churches, synagogues, temples and the places where Almighty God is remembered. Therefore, Muslims are forbidden to destroy places of worship.

When Jesus, son of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( peace be on them) was preaching a discourse about making lawful some of the things that were forbidden before (which is included in the Injil, the Gospel of Jesus), the lawyers and Rabbis [the keepers of the Torah] classified Jesus as a terrorist and [his message, eventually written as] the Injil,  also a message of terrorism. Even then, these Jews used the Romans to take action against Jesus, son of Mary, by forging lies against him and his blessed mother, therefore subjecting the Romans to bring him to trial and supposedly crucifying Jesus, son of Mary, on the cross.

The Holy Quran is the only book which contains an authentic account of Jesus, son of Mary (peace be on him) and completely refutes the false allegations against Jesus being a liar or a terrorist.

Nowhere in the Holy Quran has a Muslim been commanded to kill non-Muslims without a just cause. Even in war, they are not allowed to kill the elderly, women, children, priest, etc. It is illegal in Islam to carry out first attacks and acts of terrorism. Acts of sabotage, which might kill the innocent or the like thereof, are also forbidden.

Let the world know – if they really want to learn about true Islam, then they should learn from authentic Muslim scholars. One such scholar and direct descendant of the Holy Last Messenger of Allah Almighty (peace be upon him) is El-Shaikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani. Do not look to those agents planted to destroy Islam, i.e. M. Ahmad [Qadiani], Wahhabis, Shiites and others who project Islam with the false ideologies and theories of Freud and Darwin.

In the Holy Quran, Surah tus Saad, Ayaat 29, Almighty Allah says: “This is the blessed Kitab (Book) that we have revealed to you, (ya Rasullulah!) [Last Messenger of Allah] full of blessings, that the people may ponder over its ayaats (signs), and so that the intelligent ones may take heed.”

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