Characteristic Features Indicating the Arrival of the Night of Power Lailat al Qadr


As for the characteristic features that indicate the arrival of the Night of Power, they are present in a night when the atmosphere is comfortable, the sky is jet black, and the temperature is neither hot nor cold.  We may also quote this anonymous saying on the subject;  “It is a night in which no barking of dogs can be heard.  When the sun rises on the following morning, it appears as a disk without rays, rather like a copper bowl.”  As for the marvels and wonders of the Night of Power, they are revealed to those who possess the qualities of spiritual development and sainthood, to those who are committed to worshipful obedience, and to whomever Allah wishes among those of His servants who are true believers, in accordance with their spiritual states, their allotted portions, and their degrees of nearness to Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He).

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