Islamophobia Wave in France


Muslim Women Targeted


(IP) Muslims in France are alarmed and angry about the escalation of hate attacks against Muslims  there.  The town of Argenteuil has been the scene of protests by Muslims who have demanded expedient action by authorities in the wake of a deplorable attack by two assailants on a Muslim woman in front of a medical clinic. She was thrown to the ground, her headscarf was yanked off, her hair cut and clothing torn, as reported by the NY Times. When the woman screamed that she was pregnant, the assailants allegedly  began to kick her in the lower body area. She miscarried, causing a firestorm of protest by outraged Muslims, however, she is not the first Muslima to have been accosted there.

Press TV reported that the mayor of Argenteuil  strongly condemned the attacks, and responded to reports linking the attacks to  Neo-Nazis (identified as having shaven heads)  seen congregating in Argenteuil by stating that ‘Islamophobia has no place’ in his town.

A portion of the outrage of the protesters was due to the arrest of the husband of a Muslim lady who had allegedly been physically abused in the course of an ‘identity check’ by police officers.

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