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Egypt Judges Call for Judicial Independence


  CAIRO – Outrage over political manipulation in the government by President Morsi’s administration and the Muslim Brotherhood continues to plague Egypt. Adding to the list of angered countrymen is the Supreme Judiciary Council—who calls for judicial independence from political groups. “Several political parties and forces protested in front of the High Court, in solidarity with judges during their public assembly meeting, shouting slogans against what they called “schemes to demolish judicial institutions,” “the aggressions toward the independence of the judiciary” and what they alleged were the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempts to control state institutions,” Al-Masry Al-Youm reported. 

Recently, President Morsi met with the high-ranking judges to converse about revising Judiciary Law. The judges said that before they would ever agree to any amendments, their consultation would be mandatory. Morsi shared his appreciation for their hard works, also counseling them to monitor any wrongdoing committed by fellow judges. 

  After the meeting, Ahmed al- Zend—Chairman of the Judges’ Club—organized a meeting with the club’s general assembly to include many other judicial authorities. The Egypt Independent cited, “The announcement, quoted by the state’s Middle East News Agency (MENA), comes amid rising tensions in the judicial sector as the Muslim Brotherhood pushes for a draft law that would bring changes to the laws governing judicial authorities, including a reduction of judges’ retirement age.” This change would mean that most of the currently seated judges would be forced into retirement. These potential vacancies would leave room for the Muslim Brotherhood to appoint judges inclined to their political agendas.


Al-Zend “pointed out that if the retirement age of judges was lowered to 65, then six judges in the Supreme Constitutional Court would be forced out, and that if it was lowered to 60, only one of the existing judges in that court would remain in his position,” according to Daily News Egypt. 

The Muslim Brotherhood recently claimed that the judiciary was extremely corrupt, which outraged the judges who demanded an apology. 

In related news, hundreds of Egyptians protested against President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Tahrir Square recently, saying that the president has destroyed the judiciary. They want judiciary independence from any political coercion or influence, which will assure that legal decisions will be fair and devoid of bias.  

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