Ryan Mauro, a Discredited Islamophobe Attacks Muslim Woman Attorney in Blog

Tahirah Amatul-Wadud Esq.

Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, a Springfield, Massachusetts family law attorney received accolades for her announcement that she intends to enter into politics in the future. Her informal announcement was met with much support until Ryan Mauro, National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, posted a ferocious attack on Ms. Amatul-Wadud via an internet blog. Mauro is known as a virulent Islamophobe whose organization demonizes Muslims.

Amatul-Wadud is a board member of the Massachusetts chapter of the highly respected Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and serves as legal counsel for The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA), a thirty year old American Muslim organization known for its global humanitarian efforts. In his recent blog post, Mauro reached a new low by using the guilt by association technique by first asserting wild accusations and falsehoods about these two organizations, then attempting to tarnish Ms. Amatul-Wadud’s personal and professional reputation. Why?

Ryan runs the Clarion Project.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has placed Mauro and the Clarion Project on its Hate Watch List. In 2015, the FBI issued a report to law enforcement warning that Islamophobic internet bloggers put Muslims in danger, referencing Mauro’s blogs as “misleading” and “poorly sourced”. The FBI reported that these lies pose a direct threat to the safety of American Muslims including the TMOA community of Islamberg represented by Ms. Amatul-Wadud.

Ryan hates CAIR.
CAIR recently released a study titled “Confronting Fear” which explores the lucrative multi-million industry of Islamophobia, tracing its roots to the financial incentives given to those who engage in it. Mauro is part of this cartel of Islamophobes.

Ryan is in the good company of frauds.
Namely Wayne Simmons, who was arrested by the FBI and plead guilty to lying about being a former CIA agent while serving as a regular security analyst on Fox News where he stated that his “friend Ryan Mauro reported through the Clarion Project that there are 19 (TMOA) paramilitary training camps throughout the United States.”

Ryan hates TMOA, which sued Ryan’s now silenced cohorts – the Christian Action Network (CAN) in 2013. Mauro, former National Security Consultant for CAN, and his former employer dredge up stories that are decades old trying to link the TMOA community to violence. All of their assertions have been unfounded by law enforcement.
These sorts of attacks are cowardly, oppressive and dangerous in the climate of rising hate crimes against Muslims in America. Mauro is gratuitously using Ms. Amatul-Wadud in his rants against CAIR and TMOA, placing a target on her back.
Ms. Amatul-Wadud is a popular speaker on interfaith unity, champions the rights of women and advocates for victims of religious intolerance. She has gone to the White House because of these activities in the public sphere. Readers are encouraged to reject stories, and to demand truthful and respectful discourse around the issues that face this country.