English Translation of Du’a (prayer) to be Recited on Nisf Shaban And Lail tul Qadr

198 mag nisfu shaban copy
a Allah, Thou favors all and needs the favor of no one !

Ya Allah, Thou favors all and needs the favor of no one.  Oh, Most Exalted and Supreme and Bestower of Rewards, there is no Deity save Thee. Oh, the “Backbone” of those who seek Thy help and You are the Refuge of those who seek Thy protection, and You are the Abode of Peace for those who are stricken with terror. 

Oh, my Allah, if You have written my name in Thy Book (Loh-e-Mahfooz) as unlucky, miserable, destitute, or deprived of rizq (provisions) in abundance, then Ya Allah, delete that.

Ya Allah, for the sake of Thy Fadl, may my misery, my depravity, my destituteness and shortness of rizq be changed in Thy Book of destiny and be written as lucky, bestowed with rizq in abundance and may I be the one granted competency to do virtuous deeds because (Ya Allah) Thou hast spoken and Thou speakest the Haqq (the Truth that cannot be changed into a lie) in Thy Revealed Book (Holy Quran) and Thy Messenger has also spoken that, “Allah deletes whatever He willeth and preserves whatever He willeth and with Him is the Book of Destiny (Holy Quran)”. 

Ya Allah, for the sake of Thy greatest Tajjali (Divine manifestation of His Noor, Names or Words) during the mid-half night of Sha’baan in which Almighty, All-Wise gives judgment on every issue (to befall until next Sha’baan) and fulfills it as well, we beseech and implore Thee (Ya Allah) to save us from all adversities, miseries, trials about which we know and don’t know but indeed Your are the Best Knower, the Most Exalted and Supreme One. Blessings are upon our Lord the Last Messenger Muhammad and upon his descendants, companions, and walis.