American Muslim Medical Relief Team to Launch Abdul Qadir Gilani Sufic Scientific and Psychiatric Clinic of Holy Islamberg

In recent months, there have been a rash of medical occurrences involving psychiatric maladies resulting from Jinn possessions. Jinns, those unseen entities that inhabit this world simultaneously with human beings, and often interact with human beings on varied levels. Occasionally, these human to Jinn interactions are congenial. However, for the most part, these exchanges have very troublesome results. Due to the current level of moral unrest in our society, the amount of negative interactions has escalated. Fueled by the production of movies in which Jinn beings are vividly displayed, - films such as: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, The Exorcist and Avatar- the number of negative interactions has escalated. The latter film by James Cameron, Avatar, has caused many who viewed it to suffer from depression and thoughts of suicide. The CNN report, from which this information was sited, also stated that the internet forums developed to help people cope with these feelings, have been very popular. The current ideology for the cause of these symptoms is that people wish to live in the film’s fantasy world of Pandora, and because they cannot, they suffer mentally.

The International Quranic Open University (IQOU) has been working diligently to alert the public of the true cause of these symptoms, namely the aforementioned possession by Jinns. The Abdul Qadir Gilani Sufic Science Institute –a special branch of the IQOU– has been developed to instruct students in the sciences of the soul and the unseen. This scientific approach is necessary to understanding Jinn beings and the psychiatric maladies they cause. The current dogma of science and medicine is at most inadequate in helping us understand mental issues. This being the case, diagnosing and treating mental ailments is extremely challenging and grave errors are made often—case in point the attribution of Post Avatar Depression to unfilled fantasies.
Today mental hospitals are being filled to capacity with the fruits of the inadequacy of current psychiatry. We have moved away from attempting to truly understand mental disease to simply acquiescing to current dogma and explanations. Another telltale sign of the level of depravity is that psychotropic medications are the most prescribed drugs in the world; yet, they are associated with the lowest cure rate. If this trend is allowed to continue, we may very well see the day when a large portion of humanity will be hopelessly suffering from mental afflictions.

As a central purpose of the Sufic Science Institute is to eradicate the scourge of mental disease from humanity, we have recently released a DVD entitled Jinnology. This discourse not only depicts the nature of Jinns—the causal beings responsible for many mental disorders—it also contains healing for those who watch it.

Additionally, the Institute continues to conduct research and other scientific endeavors using the El Gilani Methodology (or EGM). For those not aware, this is a treatment modality in which Qu’ranic chapters and other spiritual exercises are prescribed for the treatment of non-physical or spiritual afflictions—for which mental disease is the predominate category. EGM was scientifically demonstrated extensively at a hospital in Taif, Egypt in the late 1970s and continues to be confirmed by many examples today. 

As the number of successful scientific demonstrations of EGM continue to increase, the number of people seeking this treatment is also multiplying, but at a greater rate. As such, the small clinic that has been established in the upstate New York community of Binghamton is not sufficient to accommodate all those requesting this modality.

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In an attempt to assist the reversal of the negative trend in the current state of mental disease, the American Muslim Medical Relief Team (AMMRT) –in conjunction with the Sufic Science Institute– are attempting to expand our current EGM clinic facility. We are imploring all those who may treat mental patients, who are suffering from mental afflictions, who seek EGM, and the community at large, to assist us with this endeavor with your generous contributions.

As AMMRT members have placed their lives in jeopardy and selflessly given their monies, time, and medical expertise at catastrophic disasters such as Ground Zero, Hurricane Katrina, and the devastating earthquake in Pakistan in 2005, we have done so with the charitable gifts of the community. Please continue this openhandedness, and support this venture for we are responding to this grave crisis whose stake is the mental health of all humanity.

The AMMRT is attempting to establish an EGM clinic that is fully staffed and equipped, to specialize in psychiatric counseling, childhood illnesses, prenatal care, and general well being. Through this new facility, medical assistance will be given to all who are in need. The construction of the clinic is to begin immediately.

With appreciation, we request checks and money orders, payable to:
Abdul Qadir Gilani Sufic Scientific and Psychiatric Clinic of Holy Islamberg 
2732B Roods Creek Road 
Hancock, New York 13783
Payments may also be made via PayPal to:; or for other payment methods call 607.467.1596 (Babah G Enterprises)