Harboring Terrorists in England


The British government is harboring a criminal, Altaf Hussain, leader of the Pakistan Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), who has been convicted of multiple murders related to organized extortion schemes against honest citizens and who has now further incriminated himself by hurling violent threats of murder and intrigue at the members of political parties who have verbally opposed his reign of criminal terror on the citizens of Karachi, Pakistan and elsewhere.  During his most recent, nearly deranged tirade, he went so far as to foment the suggestion of separating Karachi from the rest of Pakistan.

It is unthinkable that a person of such character would be granted full British citizenship, when he has been implicated as the chief suspect in over 100 murder cases, yet apparently, Britain selectively protects individuals who perpetrate terrorism and  advocate separatist action in Muslim countries. At a time when the innocent are being persecuted for alleged crimes without evidence, witnesses, trial or conviction, this culprit , deemed ‘the Godfather of Karachi’ by British MP George Galloway, has sought and received asylum and basically unconditional acceptance in exile in England.  

American Muslims urge the government of England to put Altaf Hussain on trial for inciting insurgency amounting to separating Karachi from Pakistan.

Although the MQM party emerged victorious in recent elections, Hussain responded to protests against alleged rigging of votes by MQM in a fuming, enraged speech in which he bragged on his ability to ‘cause havoc in the city (Karachi)’, threatened to ‘break the arms’ of his party’s opponents, and speaking of the young protesters, he ‘ would have them cut down with swords.’

In a speech to the British House of Commons, MP Galloway queried : “Why is Altaf Hussain being allowed to mastermind terrorist operations in Pakistan from London, in full view of the authorities and why was he awarded British citizenship?  Mr. Galloway has yet to receive a reply.

Altaf Hussain’s connection with ‘mob culture’ precedes him, for when attempts to spread the tentacles of corruption, targeted killings, and criminal dealings to Lahore and the Punjab regions, the people in those areas have responded by rejection of the MQM – to the extent that in Lahore their offices were attacked and burned to the ground multiple times.

American Muslims deem it necessary for the British government to prosecute Altaf Hussain and to refuse to provide him a safe haven.  He has murdered thousands, extorted money from merchants and murdered the genius physicist Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, former governor of Sindh and others.

We advise the government of England that the political winds have changed.  Currently, the youth have become reactant to such strategies adopted by the West which have led to the destruction of Islamic unity.  These acts have led to the deployment of United Nations ‘peacekeepers’ that are, in actuality, occupational forces in Muslim lands. We are shocked by the horrendous death and destruction that is taking place in Myanmar, Burma; however, in response to that crisis, the United Nations has been want to assume an authoritative, mature, and responsible role in dispatching aid and encouraging peace there, and in other nations where minority groups are being systematically targeted and exterminated.

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