A little girl is wounded from a settler attack in the West Bank in 2021. This year, hate crimes in the US have increased 172%, including those against children. Credit: מנאל אל-ג'עברי

2000 Hate Crimes Against American Muslims Since October

Hate crimes against Muslims have been escalating with the continued Israeli offensive in Gaza. A recent incident saw a 7th-grade teacher swearing at and...


Video capture of Bishop Joseph Strickland being interviewed by LifeSite after his removal from office.

Conservative U.S. Bishop Removed by Pope Francis

Supporters of Strickland voiced their sentiments on X, formerly Twitter, with comments like, “This is an assault on the Church,” and “I’m very grieved to hear of the good bishop’s removal,” and “Bishop Strickland for Pope.”
(L-r) Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modim on November 10. India Press Information Bureau.

US Moves In on India 

This week, three US government officials made their way to India. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on November 10...
Secretary Blinken and Turkish Foreign Minister Fidan met in Turkey this week. US State Dept photo.

American Leadership Could End the Crisis in Gaza. Will It?

The American role in the conflict is not quite as clear as perhaps it should be.
The modern banking system is based on the practice of charging compounded interest which is immoral.

Islamic Financing Can Relieve Debt Slavery

In the United States, millions of American Muslims adhere to the dictates of their faith by avoiding the common banking practices of usury or...
Wadea Al-Fayoume

U.S. Muslims Face Threats, Attacks Due to Israeli War on Gaza

On October 18, the FBI issued a statement warning of threats in the U.S. related to the war in Palestine: “As the conflict continues, the...