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Criss Angel: Fraud Exposed


Criss Angel is an American self-proclaimed illusionist whose stage acts are reported to include walking on water, floating between two buildings, and causing a Lamborghini to disappear. Even though he challenges other illusionists such as Uri Geller and paranormalist Jim Callahan as being frauds, Angel‘s own expertise is just as suspect and deserve exposure for what it truly are.

Born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, in Long Island, NY, Angel is reported to have been first introduced to magic at age 6 by an aunt, who taught him a card trick.  From this his interest grew, to the point where he chose to become a professional magician, over attending university. Now aged 45, Angel has developed quite a following. Presently, he has a showCriss Angel Believe in Las Vegas, Nevada, in which he has collaborated with Cirque du Soleil. He also markets a magic kit online with promises to teach hundreds of so called illusions. A special added incentive to order his product is the promise to reveal the ‘Secret to Levitation.’

Angel has produced many shows over the years, one of which was the reality show Phenomenon. A few years  ago he was interviewed by Larry King about the show.  He said “no one has the ability, that I’m aware of, to do anything supernatural, psychic, talk to the dead. And that was what I said I was going to do with Phenomenon. If somebody goes on that show and claim to have supernatural psychic ability, I’m going to bust [him] live and on television.”  

These statements of Angel appear quite disingenuous. His attempts to discredit some of his fellow colleagues in the field, can in no way validate his own skills as being legitimate.  In much the same way as those he claims to discredit, he owes his dubious talent to the influence of jinn beings who are very active in America.

In another instance, he is reported to have made claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ, citing his ability to walk on water as one of his proofs.  A video posted on YouTube documenting his incredible claims has since been removed, citing the violation of the site’s policy on hate speech.

In this age, however, magicians, illusionists, paranormalists and their like are so steeped in the black arts that any hope that they will see the truth is quite slim. Unfortunately, the popularity of magic and the occult is ever on the rise in America, highly visible in mainstream programming for both children and adults.

Were he to perform his so called illusions in the presence of true Sufis constantly immersed in the remembrance of the One Almighty Creator, he would immediately discover himself to be as much a fraud as his peers, as his mesmerizing illusions would have absolutely no effect on his usually captive audience. In as much as he has challenged his fellow magicians, perhaps he might be willing, himself, to accept a challenge to prove himself, in the presence of true sufis. It is more likely, however, that he would choose to decline, just as Uri Geller once declined a  similar invitation from El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gillani el Hashmi, to exhibit his ability, namely, spoon-bending, on utensils upon which lines of the Holy Qur’an had been written..

Sarantakos’s acts are quite simply Satanic in nature. Criss Angel is Satanic, and he, himself, is used by Satan. He is of the ilk of the magicians in the time of the prophet Musa (Moses, peace be upon him) who believed their illusions to be equal to those miracles of  this holy prophet, and so tried to discredit the signs performed by him and sent by the one Almighty. They discovered differently and in the end were lead to true belief as truth stood out clear from error.

It only remains to expose this wave of the practice of black arts for what it is, and offer a warning to those who have not yet succumbed to this Criss Angel fraud and that of the practitioners of this evil art. This path, alluring as it may seem to the uninformed, is fraught with terrible dangers, and incurs the wrath of Almighty God.