Be Wary of Occultism:


Practice of ‘Black Arts’ Widepread


For decades, El Sheikh Gilani has pioneered and introduced the El Gilani Methodology to the American public, a method of spiritual therapy which consists of the audition of specially selected portions of the Holy Quran and blessed prayers of Holy Messengers of the One Almighty Creator that, by the Power of The Almighty, heal physical and non-physical ailments.  From time to time, El Sheikh Gilani’s diagnosis of the cause of such types of ailments requires the understanding of non-physical elements and their role in the causes of disease.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in patients suffering from mental illness and satanic possession.  These occurrences are often brought on through the reading of satanic literature, music, television and pure magic, like that found in juggling balls and so-called supernatural things. What is shown on various popular magic shows is nothing but the use of jinns who are non-human beings that can take on a physical or non-physical form, and who can make things seem to appear and disappear, or transfer objects  from one person to another.

Many evil people have gained control over and indulge in partnerships with these jinn by observing certain rituals and rites and by the use of various formulas. People are advised to stay away from such activities, and such people, because they will eventually suffer from spiritual and mental diseases for which there is no cure. Practitioners of these phenomena can force people to do things against their will, such as committing murders, and can cause miscarriages and stillbirths, bleeding from various parts of the body, sensations of red hot pins and nails in the body, and have numerous negative effects on children.

The ‘Black Sciences”  have been known to man and have existed since the time of the Holy Messenger David, peace be on him.  It is quite common that evil entities were frequently engaged by the freemasons. These evil entities can easily break things and become quite destructive. Levitation, or the act of floating and rising in the air, is another well known phenomenon known to the Eastern world for the last 3,000 years. It is a kind of spiritual magic achieved with the aid of jinn beings who would lift a person, or take him to various places. It is still being practiced today.  A television program aired here in Pakistan on the 25th of November, that demonstrated how these practitioners apparently raise themselves off the ground.

Perhaps the most well known personality to use the jinn in his stunts is an Israeli magician by the name of Uri Geller, who himself suffers from jinn possession. During his act, which has appeared on a number of television networks including the BBC, Geller caused forks and spoons to bend without coming into physical contact with them.  He was also able to influence, through the medium of television, occurrences in the homes of his television audience.  Presently, things have advanced so much that  many television shows, movies, and video games show satanic mediums and sensitives, and spread psychic diseases; yet no one seems to realize or care.  Remember the thousands of Japanese children that suffered seizures after viewing a particular cartoon, and also the jinn possession suffered by many who read Henry Potter’s black magic, sorcery novels.

During his research, El Sheikh Gilani was able to confront Professor John Taylor of the London University, who was engaged in an investigation of the Geller phenomena.  El Sheikh Gilani, who was quite familiar with this, simply identified it as a classic example of jinn possession.  Of course, Professor Taylor was not eager to accept El Sheikh’s clear explanation, since to do so would mean an immediate end to the fraud that was a source of the financial grants that provided him with a lucrative income.

El Sheikh Gilani has decided to expose this fraud in his upcoming lecture on the jinn, which will be made available through the Abdul Qadir Gilani Institute of Sufic Sciences, Department of Jinnology. Much of El Sheikh Gilani’s memoirs can be likened to experiences written about in the 1001 Arabian Nights.  There are very few things written about in these tales that he did not experience in his youth. In his upcoming lecture entitled the “Science of Jinns,” El Sheikh will detail how Muslim jinns carry his servants from one place to another.

Yes, there are many human beings that are possessed, or whose physical bodies are occupied by jinn, and they speak and talk to and through the possessed person. The jinn eat the food of the victim, and even share their women, and other elements of their daily lives.  Out of our concern for Muslims and non-Muslims, and the welfare of our fellow Americans, we warn you to keep away from these evil sciences. We know the formula to counter this evil, and when these jinn are in the company of, or around a Muslim, they cannot produce or rise up one centimeter. At one time Uri Geller was challenged to bend a fork or spoon that was inscribed with portions of the Holy Quran, and he quickly refused realizing that Holy Quran is the only effective defense from satanic influences.

In this so-called modern era,  there is a proliferation of call-in psychic networks that are being aggressively marketed through the mass media with endorsements by well known Hollywood stars. Pick up almost any magazine, and there are numerous advertisements for all types of occult activities as well as magical props and trinkets that promise strange powers.  In addition, there are those who pursue the dollar via direct junk mailings offering charms, and the like, to ward off misfortune, attract good fortune and many other promises. Be careful! These evil devices are dangerous weapons in the hands of sorcerers and satanists, many of whom are psychiatrists and advocates of mind control.

Note:  For more information on this important material, please read the Ultimate Fraud of the Freudists and Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal. published by Zavia Books.

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