Overlooked and Suppressed El Gilani Methodology Provides A Cure For All Ailments

Book on El Gilani Methodology
Book on El Gilani Methodology

The original definition of Psychiatry was “the study of the soul.” In ancient times, mankind relied heavily on the notion that we were heavenly creatures bound to earthly bodies; thus, treatments of non-physical illnesses (such as mental illness) were left to religious practitioners. Over the centuries, this ideology has been altered by dark forces and Psychiatry has become “the scientific study of the human mind and its functions”. In an attempt to totally annihilate the human spiritual psyche, men like Sigmund Freud, William Wundt and Charles Darwin have ripped the soul from man and replaced it with a biologic construct called the “mind”. So what remains of mankind is an organic residue of a creature, not governed by Divine law, but by its own primal urges.
In the current paradigm of mental illness, man is nothing more than a collection of chemicals and any alteration in these said substances forms the basis of diagnosis and categorization of mental illness. Without a spiritual foundation for diagnosis and treatment, the human psyche, as a spiritual entity at the hands of modern science, has been led through centuries of suffering and mental unrest for millions of unfortunate souls. To further complicate matters, diseases of the soul have been merged with true organic diseases of the brain so that they are no longer mutually exclusive. Thus, all diseases involving the brain have been consolidated into a medical science, hence, psychiatry has become psychology. Consequently, we have become skilled at exploring organic diseases of the brain, but inadequate at determining the true causes of mental illness.
The deception of psychiatry is that many in the field know that mental disease is not simply an organic phenomenon, but is, in fact, related to things that are beyond the realm of human comprehension. Instead of attesting to this fact for the sake of mankind, they remain hidden and allow the current situation to persist. They continue treating mental conditions with medications and other physical means, knowing full well that what they prescribe will not cure their patients.
For thousands of years it has been known that true devotees of Al Islam do not suffer from mental illness. This supports the edict in the Holy Qur’an that Allah, Most High, has endowed mankind with the knowledge of healing for all ailments. In 1975, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched an initiative to combat mental disease by employing various treatment strategies from a myriad of cultures from all over the world. The Saudi Arabian contingent presented the above declaration of the Holy Qur’an, and the WHO challenged them to prove it.
After a futile search of the entire Middle East for a competent practitioner, one such skilled practitioner was finally discovered in Pakistan. His Eminence, Dr. Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani was invited to the Taif Institute of Psychiatry in Saudi Arabia to demonstrate the Divine healing power of Holy Qur’an. He accepted the challenge and proposed to demonstrate the treatment based on Sufi Scientific principles that he had formulated and established.
The El Gilani Methodology (EGM) is a scientifically proven system that employs the use of the Holy Qur’an and other spiritual means to heal diseases of the body and afflictions of the soul. EGM was scientifically demonstrated at the Taif Institute before a panel of influential psychiatric officials from all over the world, including Dr. Dennis Lee from England. Not only were the results astounding, the patients involved were among the most difficult cases. Despite the overwhelming success of EGM, these prominent members of the psychiatry world did all in their power to suppress the results. In the following decades, little to no recognition has been given to the success of EGM. Although his successful treatment modality is certainly worthy of a Nobel Prize, Dr. Gilani has not received any awards or other accolades for his accomplishment which, if utilized with faith and sincerity, could relieve the suffering of millions.. Even still, he continues to extend the opportunity for all to have access to this gift from the Almighty Creator, Allah. For years, we have combined efforts with groups such as Citizens Commission for Human Rights, CCHR, to bring attention to patterns of psychiatric abuse suffered by millions, as well as exposing the torture and brutality of current ineffective psychiatric practices. Presently, the intention is to inform the entire world that for every disease, mental or physical, there exists a cure – and that cure can be found in the El Gilani Methodology.
As doctors and practitioners of EGM, we do not agree with the current ideology in psychiatry which settles for patients learning to live with mental illness because there is no cure. This ideology has and will continue to be disastrous for humanity, as the effects of serious mental impairment now spill over into all social and economic spheres.
If it is not blatantly obvious that we are currently failing in our crusade against mental illness, then there may truly be no hope in reversing the suffering. If, however, you are a true proponent in the campaign to bring about better outcomes for those tormented with mental illness, then let us join hands and bring to mainstream ideology the scientifcally proven healing modality of the El Gilani Methodology!

El Gilani Methodology
El Gilani Methodology

We know for many it will be difficult to support EGM due to the current level of hate being generated against Al-Islam, despite the fact that within the practice of Islam is contained the knowledge of the cures for the diseases that plague mankind. For the sake of humanity and the current level of mental unrest around the world, we adamantly attest to the FACT that the goal of EGM is not to propagate the Islamic faith; however, we do extend the olive branch of fellowship to all people of faith who seek to bring peace of hearts and minds to the needy. In the strength and solidarity of our commonalities, where we have underlying beliefs in God and His holy messengers, including Jesus, son of Mary (peace of God be upon them all), let us band together to improve the mental health of humanity.