American Muslims Warn:Tahir-ul-Qadri Will Place America in Jeopardy!


Over the course of approximately a year, the world has witnessed a circus of conspired events orchestrated by a hulligan by the name of “Tahir-ul-Qadri”, a politician who heads an organization named “Minhaj-ul-Quran,” as well as an Iranian-funded political party under the name of “Pakistan Awam-e Tehreek” (PAT). He has openly declared his wish to instigate “a revolution like the one in Egypt and North Africa” in Pakistan—a nuclear-armed nation—which could only have catastrophic consequences. It is imperative to know the background of such a person, because–in light of the failures of his organized activities–he wishes to bring his operations to the shores of America and continue to exploit the privileges his Canadian citizenship has given him.

Prominent religious authorities, including Ulama from Al-Azhar, have already exposed this liar for his fraudulent usage and self-titling of highly revered and respected Islamic titles such as “Shaykh-ul-Islam”. Operating under the name, Tahir-ul-Qadri, asserts that he is a member of the Qadiri order of Sufis; however, he has been disowned and rebuked by Mashayekh of the Qadiri Order and His Eminence El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah El-Gillani, the head of the Qadiri order, who denounced Tahir-ul-Qadri as “a fake Qadri…”, who “abuses our family name!” He is neither a Qadiri, nor is he considered to be a Muslim, as he surrounds himself with Shiite extremists,  continuing his lies and fake promises on their behalf. Tahir has blatantly disrespected the blessed name of Sayyidina Al-Imam Al-Hussein by naming his greedy march and civil disorder in Pakistan as the ‘Husseiniat’, wherein anyone who leaves will be martyred and anyone who instigates warfare with the government will be martryed—even though he himself ran away.

The Pakistani High Court of Lahore has declared him “a liar,” “dishonest,” “hungry and greedy,” and “a person responsible for making dramas”. A High Court verdict still stands against him for which he failed to plea in any court. Numerous exposés have been written about this politician-turned-cleric by Ulama from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, uncovering and condemning his criminal behavior, exposing him as a fraud, con man, and a Shiite operative whose deal with Iran is to give equality for Shiites in Pakistan if he is put into power—thus garnering major funding from that nation. Videos of him conducting Shi’ah gatherings have aired on the TV1 channel.

Tahir’s shameless revolution attempts have occurred twice in Pakistan. The aim and primary goal of these acts of civil disobedience were to “start a revolution like the ones that have happened in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia.. and Syria.” Ironically, this demented man has the audacity to liken himself and his marches to that of the venerable Al-Imam Hussein and his martyrdom on Karbala, respectively—strangely enough with the title of his actions deemed “Hussainiat.”

Understanding the honorable history of Imam Hussein (blessings of Allah upon him), it is totally offensive to Al-Islam that Tahir-ul-Qadri compares himself. In the first of Tahir’s charades in Pakistan, he likened the government and its officials to that of Yazeed; however, in a sudden twist of events—with him in a plush office and his followers braving the elements of the weather—he struck an under-the-table deal with the so-called “Yazeed” government officials. Interestingly enough, while Imam Hussein did not give allegiance to that of a polytheist, Tahir-ul-Qadri gave allegiance to a polytheist, the British Queen, in order to gain Canadian citizenship. The point to be reiterated is quite clear: Imam Hussein never gave any oath of allegiance to a polytheist; however, “Tahir-ul-Qadri” did the exact opposite.

A more recent farce of Tahir's in Pakistan was the exploitation of it lower-class citizens, mostly women and minors, to be used as either shock troops to invade government buildings, human shields in clashes with government security forces, or suicide fighters whose meaningless deaths would be leveraged to gain media attention and garner sympathy and funding —regardless of the civil war that would have been the natural result.

The current state of Tahir’s image is that of an embarrassing failure and impotent revolutionary, to such an extent that he, in his own words, now wishes to tour the poorer regions of Pakistan in order to “garner support from the impoverished.” These tactics have resulted in the injuries of nearly 100 policemen and scores of unwitting protesters—most of whom were forced to fend for themselves in harsh, unaccommodating weather conditions, while he himself remained comfortable with all of the amenities his Iranian financing could afford him at the time.

Tahir should be considered dangerous and a security threat to America and its citizens—both Muslim and non-Muslim—as he has no intention of anything more than the exploitation of American resources he finds at his disposal, which has the high possibility of dragging America into the political mayhem that he is orchestrating for Pakistan all for the sake of his personal gains and Iranian control.

In addition, he wishes to rebuild his ego via these trips to North America, with the intent of establishing a PAT party in the United States.  

Combining the above information with an American physician’s assessments of Tahir concluding, “this man is one who suffers from delusions of grandeur,” we reiterate the urgency of the matter that this individual is not welcomed to North America and it is urged that such a person who surrounds himself with extremists and has demonstrated—for the world to see—his propensity for provoking civil disobedience be denied any possible entry to the shores of the United States of America.

Let it be known that neither Tahir-ul-Qadri, his mafia, not his PAT party, is welcome in America and the American people neither need nor deserve the hazards that this miscreant brings, because it is well established that he is a danger to America. We demand from the authorities—especially Homeland Security—that Tahir-ul-Qadri be denied entry to America and that he take his political party, thugs, and saboteurs with him elsewhere.  


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