Poverty in the Kingdom



Cairo -When most people think of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first thoughts that come to mind after Hajj and Mecca are fancy cars, oil sheikhs and palaces. The government flaunts and advertises its wealth and lavish lifestyle as though such opulence is standard living and common to all.

For those who believe in monarchies, the fact that the Saudi royal family owns palaces with gold embellishments and luxury vehicles that carry them to and fro is merely par for the course.  However something is awry in a country where a monarchy squanders its wealth while poverty and hunger remain an everyday battle for 60% of the population.  Press TV reported that “sixty percent of people in Saudi Arabia live below the poverty line according to Saudi activists, although official reports state only 22%” of its people are impoverished.  Surely the ruling royal family is aware of this sad and desperate situation.

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