American Muslims Prevented from Humanitarian Service to Pakistan: Citizens Outraged



The world tends to turn a blind eye to the continued distress of a people when the spotlight of the media and the bold headlines desist, but the International Qur’anic Open University has steadied the course, not only dispatching the American Muslim Medical Relief Team (AMMRT) within hours of a catastrophic event, but by providing continuous support months or years after the world has forgotten the tragedy even while victims still suffer.

The American Muslims of the International Qur’anic Open University (IQOU) have received support from the citizens of Pakistan who are outraged after release of details in the latest example of maltreatment by the government of Pakistan towards IQOU staff when attempting to obtain their travel visas. In this latest occurrence, members of IQOU’s American Muslim Medical Relief Team (AMMRT) were harassed, treated harshly and denied approval to travel to a country where these same American Muslims have a known history of humanitarian service that spans over thirty years.


Not once has the Pakistani government expressed a word of gratefulness or appreciation for the selfless sacrifice of the Vice Chancellor of the International Qur’anic Open University, His Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, and his dedicated staff.

His Eminence, El Sheikh Gilani, pioneered the AMMRT whose medical staff were stationed at the Ayyub Medical Center in Abbottabad, Pakistan to administer medical treatment to victims inflicted with severe injuries after the devastating Pakistan earthquake hit in 2005. In America, the AMMRT continued its good works by supplying food, water, clothing and family support victims after the calamitous Hurricane Katrina. Within hours of the catastrophic events of September 11th, it was these American Muslims who served as first responders at Ground Zero. In 2010, the AMMRT took flight to Pakistan after the destructive flood of 2010 to provide treatment and distribute blankets, quilts, medical supplies, food, boat engines, and cash.

As a result of the recurring and appalling treatment received, it has become quite clear that the Pakistani government harbors real hatred for American Muslims who have done nothing but selflessly dedicate their resources for the betterment of their Pakistani brethren.  It is difficult to conclude otherwise given the repeated harassment endured at the hands of the Pakistani Consulate officials in every instance where AMMRT members have endeavored to continue their humanitarian efforts.  Not surprisingly, wherever AMMRT relief workers have been dispatched, they are greeted by government officials with expressions of sincere appreciation for their efforts, save one glaring exception, Pakistan.

It is with regret that IQOU administration confirms that they will be ceasing all humanitarian effort in the country of Pakistan. The International Qur’anic Open University’s Deputy Director, Honorable Khalifa Hussein Adams asserts, “This won’t be done again. We have doctors, nurses, and entire medical staff sacrificing their time and money, dropping everything, to make haste in serving the people of Pakistan whenever they are in need. From the Kashmir camps to donation of boat engines that helped to deliver rations to victims of the recent devastating flood- we have been there, but no more. We will direct our energy elsewhere in the world.” This past spring, IQOU announced its endeavor into West Africa to build a much needed medical center.

American Muslims are competent and respected role models with access to many resources. The blind ingratitude of some in a purported Islamic Republic will not deter the American Muslims from the task at hand for they recognize that Islam has, without question, definitively risen in the West.  For almost one year, Almighty God’s personal name, Allah, has been shining at the International Qur’anic Open University’s Jamia Qadria Campus in Holy Islamberg, New York. This sign is the greatest Miracle Allah ta Ala has shown mankind, the biggest of many for the followers of El Sheikh Gilani Qadri, and reinforces the fervor exhibited by the staff of the International Qur’anic Open University to serve mankind.

Whether or not their endeavors to assist their brethren in need is accepted or rejected, they intend to continue to work tirelessly for the cause of humanity.  Joining them in this noble task are many Christians who recognize the need of the hour, namely, for Muslims and Christians to unite on the one platform, “Mankind is the family of God.”

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