Burmese Muslims, United Muslim Christian Forum Delegates Celebrate Milad un Nabi



UTICA – The United Muslim Christian Forum, a delegation of American Muslims, were invited as guests of the Utica, New York Community of Sufi Muslims which hosted a  Milad Program at the Radisson Hotel recently.  Although the Burmese Muslims spoke a completely different language, the UMCF members understood the language of the Qadri Order, the language of Sufi love, as they enjoyed the ceremony.


The delegation listened to speakers who recollected  the beauty of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the most Blessed Family. UMCF Spokesman Muhammad Hasib Abdul Haqq  spoke at the program about the blessings and guidance of one who is the direct descendent and deputy of the Holy Last Messenger, peace be upon, our Imam & Sufi Master, His Eminence, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani,

Holy Qur’an was recited and songs of praise were sung. The most delightful part was beholding the many small children who stood on chairs to reach microphones, to share their love: reciting Holy Qur’an, poetry of peace & blessings upon the Beloved (peace be upon him), and songs of praise in sweet, melodious voices. Inspiring!

Honored at the program was the spiritual guide of the Sufi Muslims of Utica for they too are of the Qadri Order; his ceremony and practice was conducted similar to that of the Imam Sultan of the UMCF delegates. Being introduced to Imam Syed Sultan’s discourses, the Burmese spiritual guide promised to view the Greatest Miracle, Baitun Noor -where Allah’s name has been shining in Holy Islamberg for almost an entire year- to show respect and reverence.

UMCF delegates distributed copies of The Islamic Post with pictures worth 1000 words. After the program, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the same families pictured in an earlier issue of the Islamic Post [August Volume I 2010], were now gracious hosts, honoring us within their homes with a deliciously prepared meal. Their family, like our UMCF community who include the very young and the honored elders, surrounded us and they served us most generously.

Every bit of the spicy and cultural delicacies flooded our memories with table spreads that we’ve enjoyed in the company of our beloved Imam Sheikh Kamil in Pakistan, who taught us to be UMCF Ambassadors of Peace for Humanity.

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