Egypt: Alleged Spy Says He was Shackled with Debt by Israelis



Egyptian security forces recently arrested several people suspected of belonging to an Israeli spy network operating in Egypt, reportedly consisting of two fugitive Israeli officers and four Egyptian nationals.


Tarek Abdel Razek Hassan, an Egyptian accused of spying for Israel, said he planned to end work with the Mossad when he made enough money to secure a future for him and his family.
In his confession before the Supreme State Security Prosecution, Mr Hassan claimed the Mossad shackled him with debt so as to compel his continued cooperation with Israeli intelligence.
“They made me continuously spend the money so that I’d constantly require more,” Mr Hassan said. He also confessed to having received dozens of requests from Egyptians, Syrians and Lebanese nationals willing to work for a company he had advertised on the internet. “The Mossad chose 8 of 50 applicants for tests before recruiting them as agents,” he told prosecutors.
The defendant’s lawyer Nemat al-Sayed said she can prove that her client did not receive information from any of the purported applicants. “The investigation is devoid of evidence proving the defendant’s guilt,” she said.
Kidnapping Tourists
In another aspect of the case, Israeli officers procured the services of a tourism agent and subsequently kidnapped a number of tourists who were allegedly taken to Israel. After several days, the tourists were then reportedly returned to the place from which they had been abducted.
The operation’s apparent objective was to destabilize security in the Sinai Peninsula.
Planned Assassination
It was also confirmed that the Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad tried to recruit a Palestinian business tycoon who finances the Palestinian resistance.
Hussein said the Mossad instructed him to call the Palestinian businessman and arrange for meeting with him in Thailand under the pretense that Hussein wanted to donate money to the resistance. He added that the Mossad planned to assassinate the businessman in the event it failed to recruit him.
Public prosecutors have charged the alleged traitors with, among other things, forming a terrorist cell aimed at disrupting public order.
-Compiled from reports by Ahmed Shalaby of AlMasry AlYoum
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