‘London Conference Must Explain Explosion of Drugs in Afghanistan’ – Iran Foreign Minister

The Islamic Post

“Before anything else, the U.K. must answer to the international community about the kind of management it has employed in Afghanistan that has raised illicit drug production from a few hundred tons to around 9,000,” said Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in an interview with Farsnews and reported by Press TV.

The Jan. 28 London conference on Afghanistan is where Mr. Mottaki insists those responsible for the sharp rise in poppy production must be confronted and held accountable. Mottaki said he is hoping that during the gathering a clear response will be offered to the world for what they have done to the country.  

However, the foreign minister said Iran has not yet decided whether to participate in the summit, since it still has doubts about the effectiveness of such meetings as he saw those of the past being held with the point of dictating Afghan policy to certain countries.

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