Americans must not tolerate extremism in any form and therefore must stop those who incite hatred in order to cash in on the spread of Islamophobia. According to the Center for American Progress’s report, Fear, Inc., tens of millions of dollars has been pumped into front organizations in the United States with self-styled representatives leading a crusade against Islam. There is a long list of parasites who imbed themselves into society, posing as patriots, but who in actuality have nefarious plans to wipe out Muslims and Islam from America. However, these enemies of America are instead bringing harm to the American people and our interests at home and abroad.

    No one can stop the progress and peaceful spread of Islam. The socially rejected, known criminals, cheats and frauds continue to cash in on Islamophobia for the money, popularity, and attention while making millions. Terry Jones, Martin Mawyer, Sam Bacile others receive funds from aware and possibly unaware donors in the name of their organizations, which spread Islamophobia creating hatred between Muslims and Christians in America. Sam Bacile produced a very offensive, sacrilegious film against Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him), causing uprisings around the world. What was his objective?

    Americans must not capitulate to the actions of such extremists who wish to burn holy books. In his yearly attempt to garner attention for his hate campaign, the so-called Pastor Terry Jones, and former waiter, attempted to again set fire to Holy Quran, but was instead arrested. According to the Tampa Tribune, before Jones’s attempted his stunt, Army Gen. Lloyd Austin III, commander of U.S. Central Command, telephoned to convey his concern “that such activity is disrespectful to Muslims and needlessly puts innocent civilians and US military members in the Centcom area of responsibility at greater risk.” If such an act of barbarity is allowed, the world will continue to see the repercussions and negative implications which can only harm American soldiers abroad, diplomats, government officials and embassy workers.

    No longer will Americans play into hands of these charlatans who were robbing people in the name of healing and, finding they were exposed, now set out to indulge in a most horrendous pursuit that is isolating America from the rest of world and inciting violence against Americans and American interests.

    What reason do leading Islamophobes give for this constant attack on Muslims? Muslims did not destroy the World Trade Center, but instead culpability for the tragedy lies in the Zionist Israeli regime. Why victimize Muslims for a crime they did not commit?  Instead, the American people should stand up and put end to the unholy war against indigenous American Muslims who have done no harm to their country, revere the Holy Bible as the book of God and love Jesus, son of Mary, the second to last messenger of Islam.

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