Unrest in Dagestan Republic via Telegram video footage

Incitement in Dagestan Shows ‘Enraged’ Muslims

“In our cosmopolitan city, where we all have friends and neighbors of different nationalities and religions, we must show maximum solidarity and support for each other... I ask every citizen not to succumb to provocations, not to spread unverified information and not to make hasty decisions.”
muslims in syria

Muslim Migrants Hide in Poland Forest, Face Death

UNHCR migrant entry figures for Europe actually include those for Turkey, even though Turkey is not a member of the European Union. Turkey, a Muslim-majority nation, greatly expands the charitable appearance of Europe, as Turkey is the top host of refugees in the world.

Important Facts About the Magnificent Holy Quran

By Khalil Johnston Where did the notion come from that the Holy Qur’an is only the religious book of Muslims? This notion is proven wrong...

An Excerpt from Futuh Al Ghaib

by Hazrat Sheikh Muhyiddin Abdul Qadir Gilani (peace be upon him) The Seventeenth Discourse He (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “When you are united...

Madhhab: What is it? How Many are There?

By J. A. Wahid Knowledge of Shariah (basic Islamic law) is an absolute essential, to such an extent, that it has been referred to in...