Practicing the Laws of Almighty God Overthrows Satanic Elite, Part III

– Portions of this article were taken from Prophecy, Predictive Programming & The Overthrow of The Luciferian Elite by Paul McGuire

   The name “antichrist” is due to the fact that it is opposed to the true teachings of Jesus (peace be on him), who never taught the doctrine of son-ship, or that he was in fact god. It is important that you accurately understand what is being said. We are not calling for some kind of Christian Reconstruction movement or the establishment of a Christian theocracy. We are simply advocating that what Christ taught be established in relationship to our present moment. When the church is in obedience to the words, “Occupy until I come,” the gates of hell cannot prevail against the church. At this present moment, which is in the last days, the church is to move forward as the spiritual armies of light and engage the armies of spiritual darkness. That conflict, or spiritual war, is to continue until Christ returns. 

The reason spiritual darkness, chaos, and the armies of evil appear to triumph in our present hour, is because the church has rejected its mandate from Christ to, “Occupy till I come.” The correct interpretation of the “gates of hell cannot prevail,” is to be understood in the sense that the gates of hell represent hell’s kingdom on earth. But, the church, if viewed properly, is to be seen as a divine battering ram smashing down the gates of hell! When the individual Christian church and Muslims come into divine alignment with Allah’s (Exalted is He) intention, there will be a release from heaven of spiritual power that has the power to overturn the earthly kingdoms of spiritual darkness and drive the powers of darkness from the land. This is ground zero in the spiritual war. All economic, political, social, spiritual, technological, and institutional control will turn on this one truth. Everything we are experiencing in America and around the world will be impacted by an eternal force. This is the game changer and it must begin today.

There is no power and no strength to do anything except from Allah (Exalted is He). Many thanks to all who have taught me, to those who taught me knowing they were doing so, and to those who taught me without knowing they were doing so. Al – hamdullahahi-wa – shukrulillah. (All praises are due to Him and He is thanked) 

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