Wahabis Attempt to Derail Celebration of the Blessed Birth of Holy Last Messenger of Islam at New Jersey Islamic Center


Boonton, New Jersey – No acceptable explanation exists for the brazen and deplorable actions of the Wahabi stooges at the Islamic Center of Boonton, who purposely defamed the august person of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace upon him, while grossly mistreating hundreds who gathered to commemorate his noble birth and immeasurable contributions to mankind.



The newly renovated mosque, not surprisingly, funded by Saudi monies, suddenly became unavailable with doors locked- relegating the celebration to a meager recreation room.


The Milad program was orchestrated by Maulana Nur Muhammad, an American Muslim Association member who was treated  disrespectfully when he demanded to know why the  Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace upon him, was being treated in such a blasphemous manner. It was a surprise to all that the program would be locked out of the mosque. A renowned speaker and scholarDr. Faruqi, voiced his outrage and gross dismay that an observance dear to the hearts of millions of Muslims would be denigrated in such a flagrant manner by the consignment  of the festivities to the mosque proper.


Saudi Wahabi operatives use their dollars like “dog collars and leashes” to build beautiful mosques and Islamic centers, then recruit and persuade others to malign the Holy Messenger of Islam, peace upon him, by referring to him as “just a man”. This is in total disregard of Allah Almighty, who has enjoined on the believers to send “peace” on the Holy Last Messenger, peace upon him, just as He ( Allah), and the Angels do this.

As shocking as the incident may appear, it hardly exhibits the depth of the deviate Wahabi hatred for lovers of the Holy Messenger of Islam, his blessed and pure family, Ahlul Bayt, or the Sufis, those devoted to worship and piety, whom the Wahabis have persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and murdered for centuries. These violent criminals, posing as Muslims, have victimized more Muslims with indiscriminate violence than any other group of people. Left unchecked, they will continue to unleash their senseless violence, wreaking havoc and instigating wars worldwide that threaten to provoke a clash right here on American soil between Muslims and Christians.

Despite the conspiracies of the Wahabis and Zionists, The Almighty has foretold that Muslims and Christians will be joined together in one religion with the return of Jesus, son of the chaste Maryboth of whom are revered numerous times in the Holy Quran.

Khalifa Muhammad Hussein Adams, Deputy Director of the International Quranic Open University, had attended the New Jersey Milad program and received a telephone call from his Murshid Kamil in PakistanHis Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, who  expressed his keen awarenessthe situation in Boonton, and instructed Khalifa Hussein to mention certain points in the program’s closing remarks.


His Eminence further charged the Milad program organizer, Maulana Nur Muhammad with  immediately purchasing a building in Boonton, New Jersey that would become a Holy Khanqah where Allah Most High and Supreme will manifest His Brilliant and Radiant Name. The structure will also house a branch of the El Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani Institute of Sufic Sciences and will welcome the masses who wish to celebrate and send peace and blessings to the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace upon him, every day .


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