I.Q.O.U. Vice Chancellor Presents Historic Evidence of Situations Created to Cast Islam as the Enemy


International Quranic Open University Vice Chancellor Presents Historic Evidence of Situations Created to Cast Islam as the Enemy.

This special five part editorial contains irrefutable evidence compiled by the Vice Chancellor and staff of IQOU in answer to the lies brought against El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani and the Muslims of the Americas by a Zionist front group known fraudulently as the Christian Action Network (CAN).

Note: This special five part editorial contains irrefutable evidence compiled by the Vice Chancellor and staff of IQOU in answer to the lies brought against El Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani and the Muslims of the Americas by a Zionist front group known fraudulently as the Christian Action Network (CAN). As mere pawns of a larger, futile plot to destroy Christian-Muslim unity, the teachings of the Beloved Messenger of God, Jesus, son of the Pure Mary, hold no significance for them, as will be demonstrated in the following five-part rebuttal.

The Islamabad correspondent of The Islamic Post interviewed the Vice Chancellor of the International Quranic Open University, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Gilani Qadri regarding false accusations about himself and the Muslims of the Americas (MOA). What follows is his statement: I was shocked to find out that these false accusations and horrendous lies were brought by this so-called Christian Action Network group, who have intermittently attacked us in the past. Our attorneys served a legal notice that seemed to have checked their illegal activities temporarily, but they continue to reappear under new names. This false accusation is coming from a group who claim to be Christian when, in fact, the name serves as a façade to disguise their conspiratorial actions and hate campaigns by which they intend to cause a clash between Muslims and Christians in the U.S.A. They work around the clock to bring about false accusations to move the U.S. government against its own citizens, the American Muslims, projecting them and MOA Inc. as enemies, giving leverage to the American authorities that would one day justify bringing out their agents to attack and gun them down as terrorists – as if they were dealing with the Black Panthers.

A similar plan executed against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, aided by the false accusations of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). U.N. inspectors found no WMD in Iraq; still, Fox News, the Israeli lobby’s most dangerous and inhumane media arm, was utilized to manipulate the American government to invade Iraq by creating a most hostile environment.

Iraq was no threat to America; yet, American blood and taxpayer money were pitted against the enemy of Israel, Iraq, using Israel’s instrument – the United Nations. Thereby, Israel was strengthened and its stronghold on America and its people was tightened. America became a virtual slave of the Zionist World Order. Is there anyone who can refute this?

The invasion of Iraq has irreversibly changed America – it will never be the same. The Iraq War caused the economic collapse: unemployment, closing of businesses and factories, poverty, hopelessness. Soldiers in Iraq are contracting many mysterious illnesses and syndromes, and their mental condition is truly deplorable. Many hate their government for fighting a useless war, feelings that culminated in one man’s vengeful act against his government- the murder of fellow officers while he awaited deployment to Iraq.


In reality, the Muslims of the world do not hate Americans, a fact which the enemies of Muslims and Christians dislike. Therefore, they create situations in which Muslims are presented as terrorists or enemies of the American people. An example of this was the sinister plan of Israel in their first attempt to bomb the World Trade Center (WTC) in 1993, an act later determined to be an inside job carried out by an Egyptian who was on the FBI payroll, and other agencies. In this instance, the Israelis wanted to divert the world’s attention away from their cold-blooded murder of thousands of Muslim men, women and children in Palestine at Sabra and Shatila. Subsequently, the electronic media churned out lies regarding the possession of WMD by Iraq, while the evil, inhumane masterminds who engineered the final destruction of the WTC perpetrated that as an excuse to invade Afghanistan and placed the blame on Osama Bin Laden and other Saudi activists. The whole world knows the truth, the facts are there. People ask, “In the most protected air space in the world, who gave access allowing planes to fly off course around New York for 45 minutes?” Ask air defense system administrators where is the wreckage of the airplane which supposedly struck the Pentagon, and how Building 7 sank without having been hit by any plane? The Pentagon, directed by the Council on Foreign Relations, told George W. Bush to declare that “a crusade has started.” Imagine- on September 11, 2001, the WTC is struck, and the following day a crusade is declared without any investigation! They mentioned 18 Saudis, nine of which were already dead and not capable of anything, while most of the rest were living happily in Saudi Arabia, and Osama Bin Laden was in a cave in Afghanistan. Whoever masterminded this plot had to have been an aeronautic engineer fully sponsored by some group with accessibility and heavy resources.

Former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, in his book, The Other Side of Deception, detailed entrapment plots that were crafted prior to 9/11, and often repeated. The book reveals much. In a typical scenario, Mossad agents recruited Muslims whom they instructed in bomb making, which the Muslims, in turn, used while fighting in Afghanistan. When some combatants returned from the war against Russia in Afghanistan, the Mossad agents, pretending to be Muslims, then recruited them to fight against the Egyptian government to ‘establish Islamic law.’ They were given money, training, and secret camps were established. These same Mossad agents then informed the government that they had found jihadis returning from Afghanistan. They received a lot of money for this and were able to eliminate those veterans, while at the same time furthering their agenda of destabilizing the Arab countries in the region, particularly Egypt, at that time. (pps. 196-199, Ostrovsky, Victor, The Other Side of Deception, New York: 1994) Currently, they have perfected such techniques. They float bogus organizations, and kill. They fund bombers, such as the Taliban fighting in Waziristan, with money and weapons; and their policy is “Let the bastards kill each other.” In the same vein, they sent Daniel Pearl to target me, first setting up a lie that Richard Reid was my follower.

So now we see the American youth being sacrificed in Afghanistan – for what cause? The U.S.A. is becoming weaker and weaker, with shattered industries and economics. More harm is being done to the American people; the only ones who benefited from all of the above are the Israelis, who became more powerful. They know it will be their last day when Muslims and Christians come together as one. In order to avoid that, they unceasingly invent false accusations, lies and hate campaigns. This is the age of the electronic media under the control of Zionists, whereby people are being controlled by propoganda. The Muslims’ and Christians’ future lies in understanding and establishing good relations with one another. This is why all should know that the Christian Action Network is a façade of the Zionists. We are again going to court against them, but expect they will resurface under a new name. I have not returned to the USA since 1990. I had gone there to help educate American Muslims. During my stay, I realized that even uneducated, simple Christians would not tell lies. I will not withhold this compliment, for I have seen this myself. But I have never seen, in the whole of my life or even in the past thousand years, a Jew who will tell the truth. Starting from the time of Jesus, son of Mary, they brought lies against him, his mother, and his mission, then destroyed it, turning it into Christianity – belief in a Christ God. However, the people who truly follow Jesus, son of Mary, are properly called Nazarenes, not Christians.

The New World Order system is what we call the Dajjal system, where anyone refusing to cooperate will be killed or harmed. They now use Blackwater, a private army founded by Eric Prince and funded by the top bankers and businesses of America, to try and eliminate Islam from the earth. This will never happen. U.S. Army Colonel Donn De Grand-Pre (ret.) wrote a series of books on the conspiracies and brutalities of Blackwater. When groups like C.A.N. speak about terrorists, why don’t they tell the world that Blackwater murdered former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, as stated by Major Aslam Beig, former chief army staff? They also assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in Damascus. They’ve killed many prominent Muslim citizens in Pakistan. Why do these people who slander others as terrorists, not bring the truth out about themselves? What will the American people gain from a group like Blackwater? Thousands of people have already protested against the atrocities they commit. Instead of focusing on the real terrorists –mercenary groups like Blackwater that have multiple, living eyewitnesses to their extreme and unjustified violence– MOA and I continue to be targeted. As regards C.A.N.’s allegation of 35 MOA training camps, this is a lie. I cannot speak on the behalf of each and every member who says with their tongue that I am their spiritual guide.

The fact is that many members of MOA are following the road map of the organization, by establishing their own properties away from crime and drugs, setting up their own schools, and the like; but there are still those who follow their own agendas. There are those who are paid and bribed to bring false accusations and say that we told them to do wrong things. I advise MOA, and they do have their own officials and policies. However, if any crime is being committed, C.A.N. should report it to the authorities and allow a proper investigation to be done. But it is clear that their aim is nothing but lies and slander. It is very strange that for the last 30 years I’ve been doing such noble work reforming thousands of young men and women who were brought out of ghettos, stopping a life of crime and drugs. Do I not deserve a gesture of thanks from anyone? I have done my duty as a descendant of the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) which is to guide people out of darkness into the light of guidance and to show the way to truth, salvation and success. My wives are American and so the stability of that country is my concern. My children are American nationals and I do not wish to see their country being destroyed for the sake of outsiders, thereby creating hostilities for my family or the American Muslims at large. Neither do I have four African American wives, as stated by those liars.

In regard to the name, they say MOA is a front for Jamaat al Fuqra. They try to keep bringing this name Jamaat al Fuqra, but we don’t acknowledge it. Can our enemies show me, in my own writing, where I said I established Jamaat al Fuqra or its offices here in Pakistan or in America? For years, hundreds of thousands of Muslims learned about the Faqr of the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessing be upon him) a path which totally disregards the charms, allurement and greed of this world and the hereafter; forgetting even jennah and houris, thinking only of One Almighty Creator, Allah. That is Faqr, which many mistranslate as “poverty.” I also advocate that none of my followers aspire for worldly power or the accumulation of wealth. They just want to work hard and live wholesome lives, raising families following the slogan: “Mankind is the family of God.” Of course, when I went to the American people, many were living on welfare, using drugs, and involved in crimes; some were Black Panther nationalists and most belonged to the Darul Islam movement, an extremist Wahabi organization, with offices in New York. I was sent there by the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him). I did not know anything about America. When I landed in JFK I did not know where to go. The Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) went to five of their elders and told them that he had sent Sheikh Gilani as his (peace and blessings be upon him) khalifa. This is what made them defer to me. I admire the then Imam, who was a learned person of his time, Yahya Abdul Karim, who acknowledged me, as did Hasib A. Haqq, Atiq A. Shahid, Ali A. Rashid, Jamil A. Rahman, Hussain Abdallah, his friends, and many more. All submitted and turned away from the Wahhabis. They stopped living on welfare and became straightforward Muslims, dedicated for all times to learning Islam. They are the founding fathers of MOA and are still dear to me. None ever called themselves Jamaat ul Fuqra.

It is a fact that, in 1996, a month before Ramadan, people gathered at the residence of my then Khalifa, Ali A. Rashid, a loyal and loving person. They requested me to send a special prayer for the Night of Predestination, which falls on the 15th of Shaban. When that prayer was faxed from Islamabad and came through the machine in the home of Ali Abdur Rashid, many people saw Allah’s name and the name, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) along, with a rainbow, which remained on the wall for 45 minutes. This event laid the foundation for a shrine to celebrate, acknowledge, and honor the appearance of the names of the Almighty Creator and His Last Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him). A shrine has been raised there with four gates named after Abraham, Moses, Jesus, son of Mary, and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). People still see holy names shining there and many non-Muslims go to pray there. This is the way our Qadri Sufi order functions. We all belong to the Sufi order Qadriyah Awliyah, which was established by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (born 1077 CE – returned to Allah 1166 CE).

C.A.N. is doing so much to discredit American Muslims and myself, but they are not Christians. As I said before, Christians do not tell lies. Politicians, however, have their own religion. But why take so much trouble? They should just send Blackwater to come and assassinate me. One day they may succeed; but the one who will come after me is Imam Mahdi, whom I have introduced to some of my followers. He is in his thirties and will appear to all at the age of forty. He will declare himself during hajj at Makkah, putting an end to falsehood and lies. He will be followed by Jesus, son of Mary, who will descend in Palestine at the minaret of the Dome of the Rock, joining Muslims and Christians as one. This will bring to an end all the machinations of C.A.N. and their cohorts. I cannot. If they want to raid all Muslim villages, then let them go ahead. They will be killing their own citizens.

Returning to the topic of the Darul Islam movement, after its disintegration there was a divide amongst the people. As previously mentioned, most accepted me as their spiritual guide and moved away from nationalism and lives of crime. Some others infiltrated MOA. Rogue elements who went underground tried to, and still are trying to, sabotage us and our humanitarian work. They have committed crimes with the intentions of framing MOA. We are well aware that they continue to conspire in order to discredit us. Again, this will never happen. But it shouldn’t come as a shock, that these rogue elements would try to frame MOA by involving themselves in anti-social activities and claiming association with us.

MOA has already sent legal notices to C.A.N. Regarding their intentions to destroy us, my followers and I are not afraid of anything. We do not fear Maut. Non Muslims use the term “death,” but death means a total destruction which occurs to all those who deny the existence of the Almighty, His guidance and Book. On the other hand, every Muslim goes through the process of maut which is a gift from God to a mu’min (true believer). It is a bridge which brings union between the lover and the beloved, and freedom from the prison of this world. For a non-believer however, it leads him to prison forever in the hereafter. So the most these Zionists can bring about for us is maut, which we love more than they love their gold, jewelry, women and wine. It is the greatest honor to lay down one’s life for the sake of Allah. This is referred to as Shahada, or martyrdom. It is the elixir of life. So we fear no one. A martyr never dies, he is blessed with eternal life, to go as he pleases in both worlds. His body never decomposes. Send Blackwater and I’ll be grateful. Come, but be aware that your end will be terrible.

We are already participating in Muslim-Christian dialog, and this Christmas we are arranging a great festival to celebrate the birthday of our friend and great Sufi master, Jesus, son of Mary. We will tell the world who he is and how he lived. As a matter of fact, he is still living in the first heaven; he is 33 years old and I know him. I have met him. When he descends, he will still be the same age. I request my Christian brethren, for the sake of your own good, and your family, future and hereafter, to believe in One Creator, believe in Jesus, son of Mary, as the spirit and word of God. Believe in and follow the Ten Commandments and do not go beyond that. Acknowledge that the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) is a friend of Jesus, son of Mary, about whom the latter foretold. It will bless you with a lot of happiness. You will not suffer from AIDS, you will not die miserably nor ask for mercy killing, and you will be at peace with yourself. In future, when more lies are brought I will not answer nor rebut anything. They should just send Blackwater to assassinate me. “Wa Ma alayna illal balaagul mobeen.”

End Note: May God help us to make this world peaceful and worth living in, devoid of oppression, genocide, and pestilence.