Profound Times in American Life and Politics


If nothing else can be claimed in a positive sense about America today, it’s the fact that Trumpism has American citizens more engaged in the conversations of politics, religion, economics, lifestyles, etc. No matter where one stood during the 2016 election, right or left, today we all live with the results. Would anyone have fathomed that after the ‘golden age’ of Obama, our country would today be ruled by the likes of Donald Trump and his ‘basket of deplorables’? Both of these supported by a minority of Americans, Trump base, who fear their demise of imagined glory lost decades ago. This base that is so set in their fears, hatreds, racism and discrimination that they are accepting of lying, adultery, sabotage, treason, sexual misconduct, even pedophilia, among other depravities not befitting men of leadership. Trump vowed during his campaign that he would “drain the swamp”. Instead he has added to it and is dredging the bottom.

It is hard to imagine that a people would support and vote for leadership that is against their best interest; a leadership that ferries on prejudices, fears and jealousies. Those of us who feared the chaos to come in our lives when all houses of government would be controlled by the right-winged party, and though it’s been less than a year, would never have imagined the internal pandemonium that has prevented them from passing any major legislation as they squabble over their desires versus the rights and needs of the people they represent.

However, as the internal bickering continues, our country’s domestic and global reputations and positions are going to seed. A man who people are calling a “nut case” (our president) has his finger on the red button as he bickers with his party members and other countries’ leaders who also have nuclear capabilities, teetering the world on the brink of WWIII.

Trust and love amongst the people are words that have been blown out the window, replaced with selfishness and hatred. Domestic terrorism and hate crimes are on the rise and not from the arenas once feared. Yes, ISIS is still blowing hot air, but that is mostly what it is “hot air”, as they try to hold on to losing power by spouting falsehoods in like manner to their western counterparts. Almost weekly, there are mass killings by Americans against Americans that cannot be claimed by or blamed against Muslims. The cloak has been torn off as “the chickens have come home to roost – again.

So where do “we the people” go from here? Before America is destroyed by a hateful minority, can the global majority take hold of the reigns and reclaim our rights and freedoms? Can we restore this land to the dreams of its forefathers, those who traversed the ocean in search of freedoms; and restore the dreams of MLK and those who fought for civil, religious and economic rights?

Will we have to draw and cross the line in the sand before us as a people, as a country hopes for peace in our nation and makes a positive contribution in the world?