A Case of Domestic Terrorism: William Tint and Robbert Doggart


William Tint’s involvement in the foiled terrorist plot against Holy Islamberg has either largely gone undetected or has been purposefully suppressed. The ex-Marine, recon specialist, veteran of the South Carolina National Guard and founder of Operation American Freedom was exposed when the investigation into Doggart revealed they began communicating  about one year ago to plan the  attack.

A federal grand jury in the District of South Carolina indicted William Tint on June 9, 2015, for knowingly, and willfully making a false, fraudulent, and fictitious material statement and representation in violation of title 18 United States Code, Section 1001 (a)(2). According to the one charge indictment Tint, “told special agents of the Federal Bureau of investigation that he was not aware of a plan to commit a violent act against any person or property involving himself and/or RD, when in fact, as he then and there knew, he was aware of such a plan involving a location in New York State.”

In what is perhaps the most heinous plot ever devised against Muslims in the United States, Doggart prepared by stockpiling weapons, collecting maps, and aerial footage of Islamberg in Hancock, NY. Court filings disclosed that while in the process of building his squadron to attack Islamberg, Doggart was in contact with at least 9 individuals located throughout the U.S. who had expertise in munitions, explosives and access to weaponry. According to a motion by the defense, Doggart communicated with individuals in Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Illinois and California – to name a few.

For residents of Islamberg and members of The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA) this news was alarming.  “The fact that there were other individuals involved in Doggart’s terrorist plot was mind-numbing. Even worse, there are other Muslim villages affiliated with TMOA located in some of the same states identified in court pleadings where these accomplices were based,” said Tahirah H. Clark, General Counsel for TMOA.

Tint initially appeared before the court on June 23, 2014. He pled not guilty and bond was set at $25,000.00 unsecured.  Like Doggart, Tint’s conditions of bond included house arrest with electronic monitoring.  On September 8, 2015, the court granted Tint’s motion for modification of bond and ordered him removed from house arrest with electronic monitoring.  Tint withdrew his original plea and pled guilty to the above charge on September 14th.

Just four months after Tint’s release from house arrest, the court held a bond status conference on January 14, 2016, and reinstated the conditions of house arrest with electronic monitoring.