Federal Trial Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Anti‐Muslim Hate Mongers, Denies Defendants’ Request for Fees




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(April 23, 2014, Binghamton, NY) – Today, a federal judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by The Muslims of America, Inc. against Islamophobes Martin Mawyer, Patti Pierucci and their hate organization, the Christian Action Network. In a 12-­‐page decision, Senior Judge Thomas J. McAvoy ruled that The Muslims of America, Inc., does not have the technical ability to sue on behalf of Muslims of the Americas, Inc., which was dissolved as a legal entity in 2013. The defendant also sought for the Plaintiff’s attorneys to be sanctioned by paying more than one hundred thousand dollars in legal fees-­‐ Judge McAvoy denied the motion.

The plaintiff acknowledges that this is a procedural issue that resulted in the case being dismissed. The plaintiff emphatically states that this is not a “victory” for the defendants, but is merely a procedural defect that the plaintiff believes can be easily cured. The Muslims of America is exploring all legal options with respect to this recent development. 

The Muslims of America have stated that the fight is not over by any means when Martin Mawyer and the Christian Action Network are committed to harming Muslims by spreading lies, fear and hatred. Thus, The Muslims of America is committed to countering the bigotry and will continue to pursue legal action against these individuals for as long as their actions are contrary to the law.


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