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(Washington, DC) Muslims throughout the United States of America condemn the use of chemical warfare on the people of Syria as inhumane, emphasizing that no government should be allowed to use them. For this reason, we appeal to the Secretary General of the United Nations to demonstrate equal concern about the weapons of mass destruction that have been manufactured in the U.S. for the purpose of killing American Muslims. In June 2013, two men, Glen Scott Crawford, a G.E. employee, and his only named accomplice Eric Feight were arrested in Albany, New York after being charged with “conspiracy to provide material support, or resources, intending that they be used in preparation for, or in carrying out… a weapon of mass destruction”, said the criminal complaint. The pair built a “radiation-emitting device that could be placed in the back of a van to covertly emit ionizing radiation…”. The device was designed to target and eliminate Muslims, in America and outside, with an X-ray gun intended to be worse than Hiroshima.


We demand the United Nations immediately send inspectors to the U.S. to examine the weapon, as the pair was already successful in testing the remote triggering device. How many weapons have been built? How many additional suspects need apprehending? An FBI affidavit identified as many as eight accomplices who have remained unnamed with no arrests.


Over three months ago, USA Today reported that the federal authorities uncovered the builders of the lethal X-ray device were “allegedly planning to build a mobile X-ray weapon to kill Muslims and other "enemies of Israel". Three months after initial arrests, no further action been taken. Will American Muslims suffer the same fate as the people of Syria? Will Muslims be attacked in their own country? American Muslims fully endorse swift action against all forms of weapons of mass destruction and implore the international community to recognize this viable threat to the safety and peace of citizens of the United States of America.


The danger is apparently still great for all Muslims living in America under threat of use of this weapon of mass destruction for which the number of weapons manufactured is still unknown. The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA) have suffered escalating attacks against their residential properties and residents since the launching of a defamation lawsuit against the extremist group Christian Action Network (CAN) and its president Martin Mawyer related to release of an inflammatory book. Based in Hancock, New York, The Muslims of America have reported to law enforcement the appearance of intruders on several properties across the country including the states of Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia. In New York, days before the Crawford and Feight arrests, residents identified intruders with heavy Eastern European accents, possibly Russian Jews, who drove onto the property in a van with strange, partially hidden and mounted equipment. In Texas, a man drove past TMOA property for hours, harassed neighbors for information and then trespassed before being stopped by the Muslim residents. The Texas trespasser’s vehicle was registered to a man connected to the Himeni Ministries, a Christian Zionist Church and Act for America!, a known anti-Islam organization. In South Carolina, during a Ladies Summer Program, multiple incidents were reported of suspicious persons posing as salesman descending on the homes of Muslim residents’ homes. In addition, shots fired upon the property prompted a meeting with FBI and local law enforcement to warn about the growing danger as shown in the increased incidents of hate crimes against the TMOA community across the country. In Virginia, thirteen shots rang out in the dark of night endangering innocent men, women and children as the assailants fired into the TMOA sign on the property. Nevertheless, unchecked by law enforcement, dangerous front organizations continue to spread Islamophobic propaganda while publicly posturing as enemies of Islam, but who are in actuality, the real enemies of America. Unfortunately, as good citizens, when these incidents of violence are brought to the attention of the authorities, it is claimed there is no evidence to arrest the perpetrators.


We, American Muslims, demand justice and protection. We assert there is no blame on the American government nor the American people for these front organizations who are promoting fear and Islamophobia as a tool in their aim to destroy America by using the American people, American money, and the blood of innocent Americans to fight their wars -proxy wars. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, yet who were among the thousands killed – it was Americans’ citizens, Muslims and Christians alike, who lost their lives in the devastating proxy war in Iraq. Americans, be they Muslim or Christian, all are suffering due to them.

As America takes up the just cause of eliminating chemical warfare being used against the Syrian people, we beseech the international community to turn its attention to the weapons of mass destruction already manufactured to be used right here against innocent Americans.





Hon. K. Hussein Adams



Hon. Khadijah Smith

Vice President


Hon. Khadija A. Salaam


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