An American Muslim community has been assaulted in Redhouse, Virginia victimized by an Islamophobic gang of criminals who walked onto the Muslims of the Americas’ property and fired thirteen shotgun blasts into the sign which identifies our peaceful village. Beyond any doubt, this most recent attack has been fomented by the unprovoked, criminal and hate filled wave of anti-Islam propaganda that is inciting violence against law abiding citizens of the United States who happen to be Muslims. The US Constitution provides all American citizens the express right to protect themselves and their families and property; fortunately, there were no personal injuries or fatalities – however, what if there were? What if there had been retaliation by the Muslims?

The obvious and real intention of the criminals behind this fallacious onslaught of inflammatory propaganda is to instigate fighting and violence between Muslims and Christians. This violence could be seen as a direct result of the publication of a most contentious, blatantly falsified book Twilight in America written by the fraud Martin Mawyer. He and his extremist cohorts , the Christian Action Network (CAN) who have publicized their intention to destroy Islam and Muslims, have resorted to all manner of deception and outright lies to frame and target American Muslims in general, the Muslims of the Americas, Inc., in particular, and their leaders as a ‘terrorist threat’ which seeks to take over America. Mawyer repeatedly makes reference to this in his book, going so far as to give an address of our peaceful community on the web, appealing to Americans to ‘do something’ about this alleged ‘terrorist threat’; even stooping to the ridiculous claim that the Muslim villages possess ‘weapons of mass destruction’! In the book,  Mawyer quotes extensively  Ali Aziz, an apparent NYPD informant planted amongst the Muslims of the Americas for eight years. The book reveals that Aziz has a checkered past and criminal history as a felon, having entered the United States illegally with fraudulent paperwork – issues which were used to coerce Ali into spying on behalf of NYPD. Yet, although apparently known as a liar and criminal, his false accounts have been taken as fact and fed the writing of Mawyer’s fallacious book. According to Mawyer, “Though the ‘deal’ gave the NYPD complete control over Ali, there were some perks to becoming the department’s undercover agent. Besides being provided a green card, giving him permanent U.S. residence status, Ali would be paid money— lots of money— for becoming a spy inside the MOA organization.” (Mawyer, Martin; Pierucci, Patti (2012-10-11). Twilight in America (pp. 191-192)

The attack in Virginia is a hateful spark ignited by the rhetoric of extremists such as Mawyer and his cohorts’ who broadcast anti-Islam ranting aimed at inciting unaware patriotic Americans to violent actions against Muslims of the Americas. The shooting incident in Virginia should be classified by federal and local law enforcement officials as a hate crime, necessitating our demand that they preserve and protect our villages from further assaults.

A recent Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) report documents the alarming increase in hate-incited attacks against Muslims, one of the most recent being the outright murder of a man who was pushed in the path of a subway train in New York City by a woman who believed he was a Muslim. In addition, it was reported that:

· A man of Afghan ethnicity was repeatedly stabbed by an attacker who is reported to have said he ‘doesn’t like Muslims’.

· Two teenage males beat a 70 year-old man after asking if he was Hindu or Muslim.

· Anti-Muslim hate speech is delivered to a right-wing Tea party gathering at a public school, during which it was said that ‘we are at war with Islam’ and that ‘Muslims will kill your children’.

· An Indiana man was prosecuted for setting fire to a mosque in Toledo, Ohio. Muslims in Fremont, California were put on increased vigilance after a man reportedly entered a mosque claiming he had a gun and threatened to kill all inside of the house of worship. A similar occurred in San Antonio, Texas.

· An incident in Philadelphia identified two members of extreme white supremacist groups who attacked two Muslims and were apprehended after bragging online of their crime.

These are a sampling of the epidemic of hate crimes across America and the proliferating threat of domestic extremism. Mawyer along with other deplorable, extremist hate-mongers such as Pamela Geller, whose organization paid the city of New York to advertise their incendiary propaganda on billboards on and around public transportation systems, are uninhibited from spouting their rabid Islamophobic rhetoric – despite that fact that US law protects its citizens against slander, libel and character defamation. Their affiliation and connections to the Zionists have been documented and proven. As such, they have unabashedly insulted and maligned the sacred holy book of Islam and produced blasphemous, mocking films, and burned Holy Qur’an which can never be destroyed – all actions which have been uncategorically rejected and condemned by true Christians.

Mawyer and his lies clearly depict his fraudulence because Christians, by and large do not tell lies. It is of the utmost urgency that the United States government, as well as local law enforcement officials, take all necessary and required actions to bring to an immediate halt the epidemic spread of the malicious falsehood and media terrorism which is evoking fear and hatred among the unwary public, and to prosecute the outright vicious physical attacks upon Muslims, our communities, and property. In addition, the media should be scrutinized and legally prevented from collusion with those whose hidden agenda is the malevolent spread of false and inflammatory propaganda under the ruse of the 1st Amendment right of free speech!

Serious concerns have repeatedly been conveyed to government and law enforcement officials for some time regarding the alarming increase in the broadcast media terrorism being engaged in by nefarious anti-Islam groups, with the most recent declaration being presented to United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki-moon by a delegation from the International Quranic Open University and Muslims of the Americas emphatically requesting that this issue be addressed and the incendiary and violent actions of these extremist criminals be officially condemned by that international body. Further, the statement  implores the UN to demand that the perpetrating groups and individuals be held legally accountable for their irresponsible and inhumane actions and the tragic results of their media terrorism as well. In addition, we are petitioning US President Barack Obama, by means of an appeal requesting him to follow up, as he has stated, "protecting the rights of every citizen."

Under the high moral code of the Islamic way of life, Muslims choose to live in the bucolic peace and tranquility of rural America, protecting us and our families from the crime, perversion and profusely immoral environment which predominates in the cities.

We acknowledge the blessing of freedom in our country, where all may practice the tenets of their faith without fear of reprisal or harm. This is a right whose enforcement is assured by our government. We are indigenous United States citizens – America is our home!

We participate in elections, share concerns in our communities, volunteer and take part when disasters struck our neighbors near and far – an obligation in Islam which is done for the Sake of Almighty God.

We will never resort to attacking anyone; we will not be provoked into a cataclysmic ‘clash of civilizations’. This will not happen for Christians and Muslims will unite.

We will utilize the US courts to exact our legal rights, making these criminal extremists accountable for their crimes which, if successful, will adversely affect not only Muslims, but all of humanity. Almighty God has declared that Muslims and Christians are brethren who must and will become one dynamic body against those who seek to destroy religion and mankind as well.


Matthew Gardner

Deputy Director, Virginia

Muslims of the Americas

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