Name of Allah Shining in Divine Light for Seven Months in America at Jamia Masjid Qadriyya Tajalliyat Azam





The greatest miracle in the history of mankind, a manifestation of the One God Almighty’s personal name, Allah, is still present on the wall of Masjid Qadriyyah Jamia Tajalliyat Azzam in the village of Holy Islamberg in Hancock, New York after first appearing over seven months ago in three dimensional style Arabic script of bright light (Noor). The significance of this event is that it has happened right here in North America, a Divine Act which has not graced even the holy sanctuary in Makka tul Mukkaramah, the KaabaThis miracle, first manifested on August 2, 2010, is The Almighty’s response to the hundreds of worshippers who engaged in a most intense supplication to Almighty God; and serves as a sign of its acceptance, a warning to the oppressors and glad tidings to the believers of One Almighty God.


Most notably, this continuous miraculous manifestation of the Almighty’s Personal Name, Allah, and even rainbows over America, are signs of the growth and prevalence of Islam. The Vice Chancellor of the International Qur’anic Open University,  a Sufi Master, His Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani has stated that there will be significant political changes that take place throughout the worldand Allah Almighty will do justice and be swift in holding accountability. This is already reflecting today in world affairs and current events. El Sheikh Gilani continues, “From today onward the situation in the Islamic world will be different; clear cut signs of the Almighty’s help have been witnessed.” Currently in the Middle East, the world is observing the overthrow of governments, the unrest of the people who have been socially and politically opperessed. Havoc is widespread and out of control. People are killing and don’t know why; people are being killed, but they don’t know why. Natural disasters all over the world are manifestations of the wrath of Allah: earthquakes, floods, mudslides, wildfires, and extreme weather are warnings of Allah Most Supreme’s displeasure with those who refuse to abandon their evil ways and adhere to His Commands. There is an irrefutable law, which is “you reap what you sow”,  and never has anyone ever been successful in escaping the retribution of the Almighty Creator.


Muslims and non-Muslims alike, those who believe in the oneness of God and adhere to the Ten Commandments are invited to visit this Holy shrine, Masjid Baitullah Tajalliyat Azzam, nestled in the village of Holy Islamberg. The Executive Chief of the Muslims of the Americas , Honorable Khalifa Hussein Adams explains why there is such exuberance by onlookers upon their first glance of this divine sign, “The Noor is actually shining from behind the wood; there is no source of light (in the room).  Allah is allowing His Noor to come through from inside the wood -pushing through- to form His Magnificent name.”


Almost three years ago  residents of the same Holy Islamberg first beheld Allah’s name in shimmering rainbows, ushering the beginning of Holy Khanqah Gilaniyya –Sufi Lodge #2. Even before the miracles were bestowed on Holy Islamberg, Allah Almighty announced the proclamation of the fourth holiest place in the world in the village of Holy Islamville, South Carolina, with the appearance of Almighty Allah’s name and the name of His Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace upon him), in rainbows and divine noor (light) on the wall of a small kitchenette that was later transformed into a beautiful house of worship frequented by the Muslim and Christians from communities all around the country- it was named Holy Khanqah Gilaniyya-Sufi Lodge #1.  


Throughout history, the Sufis have long recognized that a divinely sent reformer or leader, such as is found in El Sheikh Gilani, is supported by divine miraculous manifestations and given the obedience of heavenly bodies. Witnesses to such are blessed with divine favor and strengthened with the surety of knowing that  Allah Almighty hears and responds to  their petitions and intense supplications. One such sufi, Maulana Nur Muhammad  spent the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadhan in Masjid Baitullah, performing I’tikaf [ seclusion from everyday life focused on worship, prayer, fasting and supplication to the one Almighty God] . During his I’tikaf, Maulana Nur Muhammad witnessed for himself the Tajalliyat Azam, beautiful personal name of Allah Most High, on the wall of the masjid. He observes:  “I sat in the masjid. It was so peaceful, seeing the radiant name of Allah shining, hearing the constant recitation of Holy Quran, Darood Salaam and dhikr, which was constantly taking place. Then during the contemplation of dhikr, I saw the Name of Allah shining on the mihrab. I kept peace of mind and a tranquil heart while I continued to do my ibadah (worship of Almighty). Soon, I was joined by many others who arrived daily. By the grace of Allah, I was able to finish the recitation of Holy Quran twice and had a very rewarding experience listening to and viewing the discourses of the sixth sultan, His Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani. When I went home I told my family members what I had experienced; the joy I had in being in Holy Islamberg. Because of this, I gathered over fifty family and community members and returned to Islamberg. I knew Almighty Allah must be very pleased with those who reside there for Him to show such a blessing- His signature. One thing I will never forget was the unexplainable peace that I experienced during those last ten days of Ramadan in Islamberg.”

Now, by the truckload, people from all over are visiting Masjid Tajalliyat Azam. The residents of Holy Islamberg are overflowing with gratitude, as they graciously host all who pay homage, staying ever thankful that Allah Almighty has sent the greatest miracle of all time since Allah's prophets. For surely, after the messengers of Allah, none have been honored the way the Sufi Qadris are being honored now through the continuous display of His Tajjalliyat Azam. Those who believe in karamah and know that upon seeing such they will be held responsible for conforming to the laws of the Almighty Creator, make haste to its viewing to give thanks to Almighty Allah. When visitors kneel before the magnificent manifestation with reverence, sincere repentance, a heavy sense of responsibility, and make intentions to change their waywardnessthey will receive substantial reward. Conversely, those who witness but neglect to take heed, their punishment will also be substantial. The greatest miracle sent to mankind continues to permeate hearts, creates an immense sense of love and hope, and brings promises of the Inevitable Intercession from Allah Almighty on behalf of his servants.

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To  the  right  is  a  photo,  taken  this   week  in  2011,  of  the  miraculous   name  of  Allah  inJamia  Masjid   Qadriyya  Tajalliyat  Azam  (above).