Mubashirah: An Account of Glad Tidings and Guidance


There is only one Lord, Almighty Allah, Whom we praise and worship. May countless blessings be upon the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessing be upon him), his Noble descendants, the blessed Martyrs of Karbala, our beloved Imam Hussain, and the Divinely-sent spiritual leader of the Muslims for this century, El Sheikh Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani Hashmi Al Hassani wa Hussaini, peace and blessings be upon them all.

The science of Tassawuf is integral to the Sufi doctrine as explained in books penned by Ghaus-ul-Azaam Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani, May Allah be pleased with him. As his direct descendent, His Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani continues to lead travelers on the path of spiritual enlightenment. El Sheikh guides and instructs his devoted Mureeds (committed ones) in purification of self, both physical and spiritual. The following account of Muhammed Ahmad Qadree of Madina Wadi, Georgia (USA) is an example of what divine understanding and spiritual enhancement can illicit under the leadership of a Mursheed Kamil (Perfect Guide) and Sufi Master of the Qadri Order.

“I was last in the physical presence of my beloved Mursheed on November 12, 2008. During this time, I lived under his direct care and guidance. As a Talib (student), I received tutelage and instruction on how to live. El Sheikh provided me with a daily regimen that included a lifelong mamoolat complete with special duas to recite and morning zhikr. At 9:00 a.m. I would convey my personal report to him and seek his auspicious guidance. Fortunate was I to visit the shrines of noble figures such as Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Hazrat Data Ghanj Bhaksh, Hazrat Mian Mir Qadri, Hazrat Mullah Shah, and Hazrat Khawaja Bi Hairi (May Allah’s infinite peace and blessings be upon them all) during this trip.

On more than one occasion, I beheld Mursheed Kamil in the spiritual world and shared the experiences with him. I was humbled that he was already aware and able to provide me details of my experience prior to me divulging them, and to receive confirmation from him regarding this spiritual matter. El Sheikh stated, “You know it is a very easy thing for me to visit you spiritually, and when I come to you – you will be able to see me as clearly as you do at this moment.” Before departing from Mursheed Kamil physically, he reminded me to adopt Taqwa. He said he who adopts Taqwa, Allah will give him a way out from quarters unknown. El Sheikh informed me he would be keeping a close eye on my spiritual progress and the consistency of my spiritual regimen (zhikr and tassawuf).

After returning home to the United States, Mursheed Kamil would remind me to remain vigilant in completing my mamoolat and expressed that he was aware of me missing even one single day. He intoned that a competent Mursheed can be present with every one of his Mureeds simultaneously, and few have an understanding of this phenomena. I do not presume to understand these phenomena, but I am thankful to Almighty Allah for allowing me to be of those who reap its benefits.

On Sunday, November 8, 2015, I was blessed to behold my beloved Mursheed Kamil, El Shiekh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, in the spiritual world – Lahoot Lamakan. Present at this time were the Honorable Khalifah Hussain Qadree, Qari Ismail A.Haqq Qadree, Sayeed Shakir Qadree, Sa’id Ibn Khalifah Yahya Qadree, Salahuddin Qadree, M. Rashid Qadree and M. Faruq Qadree. We were all sitting before Mursheed Kamil receiving a divine lecture (bayaan) entitled “Science of Hadith” as well as “Uswai Rasooli Akram (SAS). Mursheed Kamil’s blessed face was illuminated, beautiful and youthful.

Ya Allah! I was so happy to see him and fortunate to know that in this setting there were no limitations of time or space. During the beholding, Mursheed Kamil said to me, “Do you remember what I taught you about the science of Hadith and their origin?” Without hesitation I responded, “Na’am Ya Sheikh, I remember”. He then asked, “What are they?” I stated “Hadith originated from one the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him) in one of three ways – Fi’Ali (Those things he did and we must do), Qauli (Those things which He said for us to do), and Taqreer (Things which he observed and did not oppose or forbid).” My Mursheed then told me “This is correct” and smiled – Ya Allah! What other gift can a Mureed hope for other than a smile from his Mursheed? His divine lecture continued and we were taught how to adopt the blessed practices and lifestyle of the Holy Last Messenger (SAS), and that we must embrace this for the rest of our lives. May Allah allow us to live up to that! He held the book Uswai Rasooli Akram (SAS) up and told us how important it was for us to commit to this blessed way. We acknowledged this and committed ourselves before our Mursheed. After being excused from the presence of my Mursheed, I was feeling overjoyed. There was no doubt about what I had seen. I thanked Allah for allowing me to receive direct instruction from my Mursheed.

Immediately, I contacted Honorable Khalifah Hussein and conveyed to him what had taken place. He responded, “SubhanAllah! Mursheed Kamil is speaking this very moment about how he visited us all and gave a discourse entitled “Science of Hadith”. He said that he too had witnessed and beheld the same as what I conveyed. SubhanAllah. When I last visited my Mursheed Kamil physically. I was required to have a passport, visa and purchase an expensive airline ticket. My trip was restricted through travel dates and visa length. However, this journey was unique, and my beloved Mursheed issued the approval and stamped my spiritual passport with the permission of Allah. This allowed me to sit before him in the uncreated world of Lahoot Lamakan. Long live Mursheed Kamil who has planted love in the heart of this undeserving person. He continues to teach me how to love Allah and how to follow Nabi Kareem (peace be upon him) – May Allah bless us all with obedience.