Continuation of Physiognomy



The Holy Last Messenger, (Peace and blessing be upon him) was noble and beautiful. A very distinct description of his features can be found in the famous book entitled Shamail Tirmizi.

His holiness’s auspicious mouth was moderately broad (and not narrow whereby one looks ungracefully); the teeth were small and shining (and not large). There was also some distance between the front teeth; they were not very close to each other. There was a thin line of hair from the chest to the navel.

The neck was thin and good-looking, like that of a well-chiseled iron, and in complexion, it was fair and attractive like silver. All his limbs were moderately muscular; the body was robust. The stomach and the auspicious chest were even (i.e., there was no potbelly which would inconvenience walking). But the chest was wide and there was somewhat greater distance between the two shoulders. The bones of the joints were big and strong (which is a sign of strength). When he put off his clothes, the body looked sheeny and lustrous. (Those parts of the body that remained bare were as sheeny and bright as those that were covered by clothes). There was a line of hair between the chest and the stomach; except this, both the chest and the stomach were free from hair but there were hair on both the arms, shoulders and the upper part of the chest.

His wrists were long and palms wide; both the feet were fleshy and plump. The fingers of the hands and the feet were long symmetrically; the soles were deep and the feet even. Due to the smoothness of the feet, water did not stay on them but flowed off immediately. When he walked he used to step forth firmly. He walked with a slight forward bent, putting his feet on the ground lightly and not heavily. He used to walk with vigorous strides and would not take short steps. When he walked it appeared as if he was walking downhill.

Contemplate these words and ask yourself, “Have you ever seen such a person,in your entire life,of this physiognomy?” Then ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t he be the best example for all mankind to follow?”

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