From the Desk of the Sultan, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani


Excerpt from El Sheikh’s Classic Work: The Science of Man

In this excerpt from The Science of Man -Al Haqiqat al Insaniyya, (Zavia Books, 1984) El Sheikh Gilani explains the design of the Master Programmer, without Whom nothing would exist.

Consider this world of ours a room, the sky a roof, the sun a lamp, and stars a chandelier. Elements of Nature such as clouds, winds, rain and snow are the instruments of carrying out the prefixed programmes.  The grass and flowers are carpets,the mountains your walls rivers and oceans are your water supplying agencies. Now gaze into the heavens. Can you answer me, do you know the depth of your cosmos, or how long and broad is the universe? Your answer, surely will be no. With scientific evidence these “men of science” are utterly confused about the most intricate mysterious and complex system of our universe which is following an absolutely flawless programme. Is it not ironic that materialists have so much faith in the programmed function of cosmic order and the rotation of the planets that they synchronize the programme of their launched spaceraft with the orbital speed of the planet they hope to land on , often launching their manmade vehicles in the direction opposite to the orbital pattern of their target? Spacecrafts are programmed to rotate in a orbit around some planet and it is only made possible through the understanding of the programmed function of the planet concerned. Now if you have no doubt in acknowledging the presence of a programme, objective, and flight path of the spacecraft, what objection will you have in acknowledging the truth, that there aught to be some Programmer who has programmed the movement of the planet for which the spacecraft is bound? And obviously, the Programmer’s creative intelligence must be higher than that of scientists because no one has been able to comprehend the immenseness, function, depth and distance of various stars and planets located with in our earth system, or our own universe.

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