The Ultimate Sacrifice


Do not thine eyes shed tears on this day,

The day when the Martyr of all Martyrs took his place.

This day was like no other day,

For Deenul Haqq did Imam Husain pave the way.

Faced with an obstacle that caused many to stray,

The Noble Prince of Ahly Bayt armed with Taqwa and Tawakkal did he say:

“I will not give my hand to you on this day.

Do as you like, but know that it will not be without a fierce fight!”

“I am the banner of al-Islam,

I am the grandson of Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him)

and son of Ali, the Great Imam,

Warn you I must of the treachery you vow to commit,

Warn you I must for the hatred you profess,

Warn you I must for the Divine Laws you break,

Warn you I must for your blasphemy.”

“Here I stand before Allah, The All Powerful, The Great,

Who hears my admonitions to you in this place.

Here you stand before Your Rabb,

Heedless to my reprimand,

And for this, your lives must end by Allah Ta’ala’s Command!”

“The Kufans fear you and the numbers in your army,

Their treason and deception will surely seal their fate,

A choice they made only due to their concern for this world,

As a result with a small group do I stand before your swords!”

“Victory is mine for Shahid I will become,

By the Promise of my Rabb, I shall enter His Kingdom!

Islam will go on despite your atrocious actions,

But your hatred will be the cause of many factions,

And when you meet your dreadful end,

You will not have Allah Ta’ala as your Helper or Friend!”

“You may take my head but never my hand,

Not now, not ever, thus we fight on Karbala’s sand,

I am the defender of Deen,

Thereby paving the way for generations to come,

The obligation is upon me to preserve it.”

“My blood and revenge is your prize?

Oh the accursed Yazid, if you only but realized!

On this 10th of Muharram I shall be immortalized,

And Allah Ta’ala is the Ultimate Prize!”

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