Reflections of My Heart



I Will Fly Swiftly

Here I am at the doors of Your Mercy

Won't You please let me in?

I'm striving hard to obtain Your Pleasure…

Free me, please, from all these sins

Because —

I love You more than words could ever say

I want to always be near Thee

I love You more and more each day

You are the Essence of my being

The Center of my desire

and there is no way but the way back to Thee

Rabb, keep me safe from the burning fire

There is nothing to live for,

If I can't live for Thee

And there is nothing to hope for,

If all hope is lost of Thee

Many hearts yearn for Thy Nearness

Every day and every night

My eyes shed tears from all of this longing

Starting afresh with each new dawning light

My soul yearns to be back Home

But like a prisoner here I dwell

With all of this chaos and confusion

My heart feels to burst from the yearning swell

The pain of separation from You my Beloved,

has me feeling as though I'm in a void

And though weary, I tarry here patiently

Then I will fly swiftly back Home to Thee.

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