Did You Know?


"Eat of the good things things We have provided you" (2:57, 2:172; 7:160; 20:81) and also "Eat of the good things and act rightly. I most certainly know what you do." (23:51) Also It is related that Hazrat 'A'isha (RA)  said, "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, used to love sweets and honey."

Understanding that Allah is All Knowing, we should take into consideration the fact that in His creating us in the most  beautiful fashion, He also knows best what we should eat.  Did you know that He created certain foods to create heat in the body to keep us warm in cold seasons and foods to cool us in warmer seasons?  

Certain foods we should not eat during warm weather, such as:  peanuts, peanut butter, all nuts and foods that contain them.   These produce heat in our bodies.  Fish creates heat, as well as eggplant, and eggs.  Therefore, we should eat these foods during winter months, to help keep us warm.  

Beginning in Spring we should stop eating those things and begin preparing for the warmer months.  Melons of all types are very cooling for the body.   Allah in His ultimate Wisdom, knows how to take care of His servants and provides all we need to stay healthy and regulate our body temperature so that we may continue to do good deeds with little burden.  

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