– Portions of this article were taken from Prophecy, Predictive Programming & The Overthrow of The Luciferian Elite by Paul McGuire

   The bottom line in all this is that the ruling elite, which is heavily involved in Satanic practices, is using mind control or sorcery to destroy the Middle Class and establish a Luciferian elite and their worker slaves. Aldous Huxley made these remarks at a speech at a university in California: 

   “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers…. The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.” 

Occult philosophy is essential to this totalitarian state because it teaches that man is a mortal god enlightened by the brotherhood ( Masons) as to his divine potential, and that those outside of the brotherhood ( Masons), they have no intrinsic value. This opens the gates of hell to enslave man with economics, (wealth redistribution), mass- mind control, and the real goal of social engineering is to control consciousness, so that masses, or the people on the bottom of the pyramid, live as controlled puppets and economic debtors to the ruling elite. The present economic crisis is simply the mechanism for creating slaves! 

Holy Quran, recorded traditions of the Last Messenger of God, and the Bible (without interpolation) are inspired and inerrant Word. The problem is that many of the people talking about these books have no idea what is actually said. But, the power of truth in the Islamic teachings is like a cosmic tsunami smashing the strongholds of hell on the beaches of human consciousness. It is clear, starting in The Garden of Eden, that God made man, male and female, to be the rulers of Earth. Man was never created to be a slave! 

The Antichrist’s (Dajjal) plan is to enslave mankind. All those who have chosen to serve Dajjal hope to gain power by enslaving others and that is the world system. The dictatorial rule of Dajjal is manifested in physical models of society and power, beginning at the Tower of Babel, then under the Pharaoh system, where Allah’s (Exalted is He) people were made slaves. Every time mankind rejected the precepts of Allah (Exalted is He) for a philosophy like capitalism, communism, fascism, or humanism, men and women became slaves under a cruel and dictatorial ruler, where hundreds of millions are put in slave camps and murdered. There is a vast difference between the workers’ paradise of Karl Marx and the paradise of Allah (Exalted is He). 

In a cosmic sense we are now approaching crunch time! The prophecies and predictions of the prophets are coming true before our very eyes. The world is being ruled by a Satanic elite, which herd us like slaves to the one world government, one world economic system, and one world religion predicted by Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah upon him). Men and women who reject Allah (Exalted is He) as their Ruler will receive the ultimate mark of a slave–the mark of the beast, which is a microchip or biochip implant where no one can buy or sell without this electronic mark of the beast.

The planned destruction of the dollar and the manufactured economic collapse is intended to bring in one world economic system around 2018, InshaAllah (God willing ). Then, the mass population of planet earth, who chose to reject Allah (Exalted is He) will choose to worship the Antichrist (Dajjal) as god. We are in the birth pains described by Holy Last Messenger and Jesus (peace be on them both) as signs of the times, and warned of a Satanic elite that would rise to rule the world in the last days. They clearly said that the spiritual deception in mankind would be so intense that mankind would be under a “Great Delusion of Great Apostasy.” This is global mass-mind control that is first spiritual, and also drug oriented, and technological. 

Through so-called secular-predictive programming, mankind has been programmed to accept a world authoritarian leader, accept the loss of freedoms, accept being slaves, and accepting a mark; embracing the idea that all resistance is useless. The Satanic elite is openly killing off, or “culling the herd,” of “useless eaters,” by taking the world’s population from 7 billion to 500 million. They are using the Science of Eugenics first developed by the Rockefeller Foundation in the 1920’s, and then adopted by Hitler in the 1930’s, as the scientific justification for their goals. 

On a theological level, a superficial reading of Islamic and Biblical prophecies would lead one to conclude that we are to be fatalistic, accept our role as victims, and do nothing until the return of Christ and the coming of Imam Mahdi. Yet the Islamic and Biblical teachings say that we are to take great care to interpret it correctly. 

Within the Islamic and Evangelical Community there is almost an unconscious death wish when it comes to prophecy. Nowhere does it ever teach man to become fatalists and do nothing until Christ returns. Nowhere! 

The important thing is to establish the Deen (the way of life) of Allah (Exalted is He) for Allah’s (Exalted is He) sake alone. So it is the duty for the community of Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah on him) to hold to the task of upholding the Word of Allah (Exalted is He) in the earth and not to waver from this Deen until it leads and directs all humanity. 

Yet, the next to the Holy Last Messenger, Jesus (peace be upon them both) is specifically telling Christians that they are to “Occupy till I come!” (Luke 19:12-14). Occupation implies maintaining their position! Yet, we see the majority of Christians adopting a non-Biblical theology of retreatism, or escapism. The most often used excuse in the Islamic and Evangelical Community is that we are in the last days and we are not to interfere with Allah’s (God’s) end of time program. Essentially, the argument goes that we are to just hang in there until “The Rapture” occurs for Christians, and the appearance of Imam Mahdi for the Muslims. The idea is that if we attempt to do anything, we might be interfering with Allah’s (Exalted is He) Sovereign plan. Thus, passivity and fatalism are promoted as the ultimate will of Allah (Exalted is He) for the truly spiritual Muslims and Christian. 

The idea that by taking action based on a sound mind is an attempt to overrule Allah’s (Exalted is He) Sovereignty is the exact opposite of what the Nabis (Prophets) taught. It is impossible for any man to overrule Allah’s( Azza Wa Jal) Sovereignty through prayer or action. Allah’s (Exalted is He) Sovereign plan will unfold exactly as He planned and He did not create man to live in a fatalistic universe. 

The Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah on him) advised us that when the time comes and we hear that the Dajjal exists, we must read the first ten and last ten ayats (lines) of Sura Al- Kahf and we will be saved from the mischief, trials and tribulations of Dajjal — (Ibn Majah, Sunan, Abu Dawud Tirmidhi,the Musnad of Ahmad ). [There is, of course, an understood fact that the reading of these ayats has to be done with an understanding of their meaning and with the determination of acting upon them]. 

The Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah on him) advises us to read these ayats as reminders to “do what is right and associate none as partner in the worship of his Lord.” (Holy Qur’an, Sura Al-Kahf, ayat 110). These ayat speak of the people that have taken for worship that other than the Almighty Creator, Allah; who follow their own desires, scoffing the guidance given to them through their Prophets, disbelieving in HIS revelations. They are the ones that will fall victim to the tribulations of the Dajjal. “He whom Allah guides is rightly guided; but he whom He leaves in error, for him you will find no protector to lead him the Right Way.” (Holy Qur’an, Sura Al- Kahf, ayat 17) 

The name “antichrist” is due to the fact that it is opposed to the true teachings of Jesus (peace be on him), who never taught the doctrine of son-ship, or that he was in fact god. It is important that you accurately understand what is being said. We are not calling for some kind of Christian Reconstruction movement or the establishment of a Christian theocracy. We are simply advocating that what Christ taught be established in relationship to our present moment. When the church is in obedience to the words, “Occupy until I come,” the gates of hell cannot prevail against the church. At this present moment, which is in the last days, the church is to move forward as the spiritual armies of light and engage the armies of spiritual darkness. That conflict, or spiritual war, is to continue until Christ returns. 

The reason spiritual darkness, chaos, and the armies of evil appear to triumph in our present hour, is because the church has rejected its mandate from Christ to, “Occupy till I come.” The correct interpretation of the “gates of hell cannot prevail,” is to be understood in the sense that the gates of hell represent hell’s kingdom on earth. But, the church, if viewed properly, is to be seen as a divine battering ram smashing down the gates of hell! When the individual Christian church and Muslims come into divine alignment with Allah’s (Exalted is He) intention, there will be a release from heaven of spiritual power that has the power to overturn the earthly kingdoms of spiritual darkness and drive the powers of darkness from the land. This is ground zero in the spiritual war. All economic, political, social, spiritual, technological, and institutional control will turn on this one truth. Everything we are experiencing in America and around the world will be impacted by an eternal force. This is the game changer and it must begin today.

There is no power and no strength to do anything except from Allah (Exalted is He). Many thanks to all who have taught me, to those who taught me knowing they were doing so, and to those who taught me without knowing they were doing so. Al – hamdullahahi-wa – shukrulillah. (All praises are due to Him and He is thanked) 

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