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Excerpt from New “Jinniology” Discourse


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The Jinn beings’ origin, life, power, and operating methods are facilitated by and through mediums, street magicians and others who engage in the occult.  Jinns cause paranormal activity, spreading incurable mental diseases resulting in seizures, psychosis, neurosis, and epileptic fits.  In this excerpt you are warned to stop and stay away from participating in seances, watching street magicians, and use of the Ouija board.

Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani is a Sufi master who is a guide not only for human beings, but also for jinn beings.  Jinn beings are creatures who have inhabited our earth since before mankind.  Now they live with us, and they are everywhere. They do not have physical bodies, but they use human bodies, thus causing paranormal activities.  Jinns achieve this when they have human accomplices.

Since the West has adamantly denied the existence of jinn beings, El Sheikh has been compelled to expose the truth about them to save mankind.  This denial of jinn beings is particularly prevalent in western societies, where they operate behind human shields, Freemasons, sorcerers, hypnotists, magicians and Satanists.  Seances have been, and are still held by heads of state, secret societies, and millions of others, wherein they do not call on human spirits, but jinns who operated behind human shields.

On the one hand, western materialists out-and-out deny the existence of jinns, yet surprisingly, their entire social system is based on reaching out to jinns for help, guidance, mind control, healing and fortune telling, showing physical appearance and disappearance of articles, and much more.  Through these lectures, people have been warned to keep away from street magicians, sorcerers, and Satanists because it will eventually result in their own destruction.  They must follow the guidance.