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Avoid Dietary Enslavement – Exercise the Freedom to Choose


Our world has become very toxic, and our foods and water are also contaminated . On a daily basis, we compromise our health as we intake the toxins that are often hidden in the everyday foods and drinks that we consume. Thus, we too,  have made ourselves toxic.

How is our food contaminated? We often take for granted that if food products are on the store shelves, they are safe for us. How wrong we are to believe this myth. These unnutritious foods are ‘conveniently packaged‘ in toxic plastics, aluminums, and lead.  As a result, we are full of plastic, aluminum and lead, too.   

In essence, we are entrapped in a form of enslavement, with our health consumed by these harmful products, masked as food. By comparison, for centuries physical enslavement was a heinous crime wherein slaves were often mistreated, and done much mental harm. They were not treated as brothers, as was the custom in Islamic societies, instead they were treated like animals, no more than mere cattle. The unfortunate slaves would, rise, work, eat and sleep on command.  They had no say so in their personal affairs.  When freedom came to them, the slaves remained mentally dependent on mainstream thinking: trusting the media, indulging in popular foods, dress, entertainment and medical wonders as best they could afford.  

When it comes to food, the same mentality exists today. We are again following and not rationalizing with regard to what is best for us.  Scientific studies show that the larger masses of this country are sick, sickness attributed to eating contaminated foods.  

Here is a list of everyday food items proven to be quite harmful:

Potato chips, soda, unorganic coffee (acidic and too extreme for the body daily), mayonnaise, catsup, vegetable oils, butter (if you made it, you can trust it), all dairy (full of hormones), creamers (plastics and un-natural oils), white sugar (animal substances are inside it), brown sugar (same as white, shaded brown), splenda and aspartame (poison), white flour and all products made from it, all meats that are not organically grown,  cake mixes, canola oil, all soy products, gum, candies and most bottled water.

If you haven’t grown it, raised it, or made it, you do not know what you are eating. Let the truth be told.

What can you do about this now? To start, don’t continue to trust poisoned, processed toxic foods. Detox first; then replace them with live, whole foods and grains.  Here is an example of wholesome food replacements:

Sesame seeds, tahini paste, chappati bread, olive oil, grade B or C maple syrup, organic fresh fruits and vegetable eaten in their season only, organic honey that has not come from bees fed sugar, bean sprouts which can be grown in your homes, barley, wheat grass, apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s or any other organic vinegar, white vinegar is harmful), almonds, walnuts, un-sulfured dried fruits, organic meats raised on your farms, and herbs.  

Herbs are concentrated whole foods that your body recognizes and absorbs readily.  They work slower on some individuals due to auto-intoxification (self induced pollution).  The quality of food you eat affects your life. To ensure your future, and the safety of your children, your diets must change for the better.   

Slaves ate the worst provisions on the plantation. How much farther have we come?

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